5 Must-Have Wintertime Wedding Accessories

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5 Must-Have Wintertime Wedding Accessories
Crystal Extravagance Large Hair Comb

If you live by the philosophy of 'more is more,' then this elegantly extravagant crystal piece is just the thing for your wedding day. With exquisite detail, this unique vintage style hair comb is an accessory that will never go out of style. The natural features recall a frosty leaf in the wintry season, which will enliven your frozen wedding theme.

Source: £35 for Bride Boutique
5 Must-Have Wintertime Wedding Accessories
Rose Hair Pins in Red

This hairpin is a unique accessory to give a bright and lovely feel to the snowy setting. Designed with romantic red roses, these pins will bring a touch of passion to your white winter wonderland.

Source: £8 for Bride Boutique
5 Must-Have Wintertime Wedding Accessories
Crystal Grace Side Accent Headband in Gold

On your perfect winter wedding day, you should feel like a snow princess and this beautiful gold piece will make the difference! This tiara recalls the frosty leaves and frozen berries of your surroundings and is styled with the most delicate crystal details that will sparkle down the aisle.

Source: £32 for Bride Boutique
5 Must-Have Wintertime Wedding Accessories
Frozen Crystal Snowflake Hair Comb

There is nothing like beautiful crystals dripping down your hair to make your wedding in the snow a dreamy fairytale. This hair comb is so refined that it looks like real snowflakes that have delicately landed in your locks. This piece is covered by many petite crystals, which are extremely elegant and on theme for a holiday wedding.

Source: £45 from Bride Boutique
5 Must-Have Wintertime Wedding Accessories
Pearl Cluster Stud Earrings in Gold

These beautiful snowflake shaped earrings will go perfectly with a updo hairstyle for a winter wedding. With simplicity in mind, they shine from afar, completing your look and standing out from the crowd.

Source: £5 for Bride Boutique

If you have decided to get married during the cold season and possibly in the snow, there are countless accessories to exemplify a romantic wintry feel and make the most of the season! This exclusive collection designed by Bride Boutique gives you the sparkling accessories to be the queen of the snow on your special day. The jeweled headbands and pins have been inspired by natural elements like berries and crystal snowflakes to make a delicate statement and compliment your dress. We’ve picked out our favourites to give you the perfect look for your winter wonderland.

Written by Eleonora Tucci

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