Matched set or independent looks?
Wide and contemporary, or slender and delicate?
Whatever your style, we’ve found the perfect rings
for your engagement and wedding...


Decide upfront if you want your wedding rings to match your engagement ring. Do you want them to have the same metal, look and style? Many couples like a matched bridal ring set because (like a good marriage!) the two rings are literally made for each other. You can have the same details, finishes and design so both sit comfortably and beautifully on your finger.


If you don’t want a matched set, choose something that will work with your everyday watch and jewellery; both in 18K gold or both in platinum, for instance. You can also choose the same finish or shape so that your engagement and wedding rings complement each other. If you want your wedding ring to have diamonds, test the way both rings sit together so that they look and feel seamless and the stones do not “fight” with each other or feel uncomfortable. An eternity band is a good way to go in this instance as the smaller diamonds go all the way round the band, complementing a larger centre gemstone in the engagement ring.


Some brides prefer to wear their wedding ring separately because of their busy work or sporty lifestyle. In this case, you may like the flexibility of wearing your ring on its own, or with your engagement ring so that you have both options. If so, choose a wedding ring that looks good if you wear it alone. If you wear your rings separately you can also opt to have ones with completely different styles.

Why not have an antique style engagement ring and a contemporary style wedding band? This does not tie you down to one “look”. There are no hard and fast rules here, so choose whatever is practical, your style, and works best for you.


With so many options available to the modern shopper, you can really use your individuality and cater that all-important ring to your personal taste. Here are some of our favourites from a range of styles, shapes and colours.