A Historical Jewel-Vicenza

“Comprised of Renaissance charm and natural bliss, Vicenza and its surroundings offer the perfect romantic getaway”


Italy’s overflow of cultural hubs has no limits. With a blend of idyllic scenery and artistic glow, Vicenza, is a hidden backdrop for a city break. Home of historical landmarks, the town offers enthralling experiences for all visitors, whether searching for relaxation or historical insight. 

Uncover Vicenza

Immerse in the arts and cultural scene of Vicenza, a splendid Italian gem with rooted heritage ready to stun visitors passing through. Nestled in the heart of Veneto, the Pearl of the Renaissance has been declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO and attracts globetrotters to its admirable treasures. Home to Palladio’s architectural masterpieces, you can find his imprint as you stroll through the cobbled pathways. A mark of the flourishing Renaissance is The Teatro Olimpico, the first indoor theatre in masonry, with interiors in wood and 400 seats reserved for guests. As you drift further out of the city centre, you will be surprised by more and more precious sites, hidden within the soft hills surrounding Vicenza. Nestled upon the green mount of San Bastian, sits tall Villa Valmarana ai Nani, a tantalising villa brimming with Tiepolo’s impressive Rococo frescos. There is no doubt, Vicenza is the perfect stopover before venturing off to Padova, Verona, or Venezia


A Blissful Stay | Vicenza-Starhotels Collezione

The vibrant history encompassing Vicenza does not only pulsate through the artistic beauty but indeed resides within the fashionable lifestyle that has filled the hills for centuries. Once a private home, Villa Michelangelo Vicenza-Starhotels Collezione, fascinates its guests with its elegance and tranquil surroundings. Each unique hotel of the Starhotels Collezione is an authentic experience renouncing the one-of-a-kind location it flourishes upon. The Palladian-style villa stands high on the Berici Hills and its remarkable lure is ever so more appealing with its panoramic view over a five-hectare park. The natural landscape is a true fairy tale, dotted with centenary trees and olive groves, creating a stunning backdrop for an unforgettable wedding or relaxing hideaway.

Fall in love as you enter the manor house, adorned with antiques and an eighteen-century feel, just as if you were gathered at a noble’s house for a grand feast. A cosiness flows through the walls and as you make your way through the main body, you will witness the rustic charm of sophisticated fabrics and tasteful furniture. Surrounded by ceramics and artistic jewels, enjoy the marvellous interiors and uncover the secret halls of the ancestral mansion. The atmosphere welcomes you to unwind and peek into the luxurious life of the 18th century. Relax in one of the comfortable salotti and admire the scenic view through the large windows. One of the rooms recalls an intellectual’s private studio, the perfect space to delight time to a book. There isn’t a corner of this countryside splendour that doesn’t enhance warmth. A stay at Hotel Villa Michelangelo is a journey through time that you will never forget. The 52 private rooms, restored in 1997, invite guests from the world with an 18th-century taste blended with a one-of-a-kind personalised touch. Each room overlooks stretches of bucolic grounds and has a recognisable character making each sojourn extremely magical; especially, with the comfort of the relaxation area. Bright and cosy, the suites shine of authentic light, with solid walnut beams embellishing the roof. Soak up the true villa flair, as you rest in regal bliss. 


La Loggia


A pathway will take you to the pulsating heart of La Loggia Restaurant, overlooking the tantalising Berici Hills. A refined cuisine will charm your palate and the intimate décor will bring you closer to your loved one. The passionate chef and his culinary experts embrace the traditional Venetian cuisine with a modern twist, to please even the most critical of palates. La Loggia, is a superlative 4 room restaurant, expressing perfectly the aristocratic ambiance comparable to the rest of the hotel. The key ingredient is the mix between traditional specialities with an exclusive contemporary touch. Tuck your toes under the table and indulge in the romantic atmosphere of marble floors and fireplaces while sipping the most luscious of local Prosecco or Merlot. From morning buffets to candlelit dinners, there is always a seasonal ingredient to spice up the fresh menu. 


HOTEL VILLA MICHELANGELO | Via Sacco 35 36057 Arcugnano, Italy | +39 0444 550300

By Eleonora Tucci



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