Alba Wellness Valley by Fusion

You’ll feel right at home once you hear the sound of the magical springs…

In the midst of mountains and forests

Alba Thanh Tan Hot Springs is an inviting destination all year round. The wellness valley is without a doubt a hotspot for lovebirds; boasting hot springs, healing mineral water and relieving remedies. If you haven’t decided on where to stay yet, with a prime position next to Alba’s thermal baths, the resort Alba Wellness Valley is hard to resist. With 30 Deluxe Rooms and 26 Bungalows, choose which tickles your fancy the most. The deluxe suites-overlooking a Zen Garden and a lush lotus lake- are well equipped and designed with contemporary Japanese traits. Whilst, if you’re ready to try something different, the secluded bungalows are a real game-changer. Flanked by picture-perfect landscaping and holistic surroundings, this oasis is irresistible for couples, as ancient wooden gates, beautiful bamboo paths, red bridges on winding hot spring spark romance. If you fell head over heels for the natural springs wait until you’ve experienced the Onsen baths. Silk baths with hydrogen infused micro-bubbles for inviting moments, cleansing and soothing steamy waters for a glowing skin, and a hot spring bath filled with thermal mineral water-mentally and physically alleviating-are all topped off by the outdoor Onsen, an open-air bath amidst the serenity of the Japanese garden. Could you think of a better way to get all loved-up?

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Alba Wellness Valley by Fusion 

Telephone: +84 234 3556 666


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For all foodies

Not to worry Alba Wellness is a pleasant surprise! Working in harmony with nature, wherever you turn, organic produce is being grown, and Hue’s culinary tradition is still very much cherished. Green cuisine is an essential part of any wellness retreat and with Alba Farm’s great harvest, freshness is bound to have an invitation at the table. Located just a few steps from the Onsen & Spa area you can nibble in Mizu Café’s minimalist ambiance or enjoy light bites in front of the Japanese rock garden at Mori. A holiday is not a holiday without breaking a few rules, so why not cool off by the pool and sip refreshing cocktails with your significant other. Zesty and fruity there’s no better way to accompany a sultry afternoon. Resting is not for everyone, so if you love activities, there’s plenty for you to bask in. Give crafts a go. After a trip to the craft village you’ll be an expert in paper fans and kites. Zipline adventures are also a fun option. Beware intrepid souls-get ready for an exciting afternoon discovering Vietnam’s outdoors.

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