Here is all you need to know when visiting or contacting Blades Couture during Covid-19

What are you doing differently with the current COVID-19 situation?

Having a dress designed and made for you is a great way to cut down the number of people who handle your dress, and it prevents from visiting numerous shops and coming into contact with lots of people. The way I work has not changed apart from the obvious mask, visor and hand sanitizer. The Blades Studio is an isolated environment set in the open countryside. It is a studio design experience rather than a bridal boutique. Giving you what you want in the most efficient way. 

I do not and have never had lots of people in and out of the studio as it is both my sanctuary and a safe place for my cherished customers. 

Your dress is designed and made specifically for you. You will have your toile made for you and then you’ll be able to try on your dress. None of these will be tried by anyone else at any time. 

At this time, I will be focusing on bespoke customers only, and I won’t be doing alterations, to limit the number of customers at the studio. 


With the new month lockdown, do you have a plan set up for your business?

We won’t have appointments until the end of the lockdown, but I will still be available virtually for any new customers who would like to chat about their ideas. 


What do you hope for 2021?

My hope for 2021 is that love becomes louder than all the noise of 2020. That brides and grooms can express their love for one another in whatever capacity that may be. Because at the end of the day love is what it’s all about. 

I shall be as always creating magic for both my brides and my projects which express the divine feminine. 


Do you have new projects ahead?

Over the next few months, I’ll be creating bridal dresses for spring and working on a couture project that involves hand painting and embroidering wild botanical flowers onto the finest silk organza. This Labour of love is sure to keep my creative juices flowing.

Contact Info:
Catherine Blades Couture
The Stables, Goose Hill House
RG19 8AT
Studio – 01635 268963
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