The new honeymoon trend, where your family and friends join you too…

Want to know the hottest new wedding trend? It is called “Buddymooning”.  That is right!  A traditional honeymoon, but with family and close friends. I know what you are thinking, that sounds horrible or not very romantic. But couples today have gone beyond the classic three-day destination wedding and want to enjoy or keep the party going with intimate friends and family. Many couples getting married today are older and think the idea of bringing others can still be romantic, but can also turn into a great family reunion.

Even the rich and famous are getting into Buddymooning! Without question, Paris Hilton’s wedding last year was probably the most spectacular and well-covered event in the wedding industry. It started as a destination wedding with hundreds of guests and multiple wardrobe changes, but as soon as the ceremony and banquet were over, Paris Hilton, her parents, in-laws, nieces, nephews, brothers and sisters all jetted-off to Bora Bora. As you might expect, there were countless group activities enjoyed by all, but also undisclosed alone romantic time for Paris and her new husband Carter.

This all brings us to two important rules if you are considering a Buddymoon…


You need to book a resort or private home that can accommodate your group, but also has multiple pre-arranged activities to keep the mood lively and fun. A private home like Blame Her Ranch that can accommodate the Buddymoon group is ideal because it provides real privacy and exclusivity. Let’s face it, you are already stretching it with the whole concept of a Buddymoon and you don’t need a bunch of resort strangers hanging around. BHR has a dedicated 10-day Buddymoon package that accommodates up to

44 guests and provides Glamping as part of the accommodations.  Also, with the Buddymoon package, Lauren Busch Blamer (my daughter) puts together a detailed dining and activity itinerary.  This can be as much or as little as the couple wants. But Lauren has an entire arsenal of ideas that can be put together after the wedding ceremony! Things like Native-American cooking classes, portrait paintings, massages for everyone, plus dry saunas and cauldron hot-tubbing in-between. Because of BHR’s rustic ranch setting, many couples also enjoy group fly fishing (guaranteed to catch a fish), skeet shooting, horseback riding and even a small, but fun cattle herding. Many times guests have their own ideas and events planned and in our case, Lauren has been successful in accomplishing basically anything the couple and group want to do. And, don’t forget about food. Santa Fe is a “foody” town with hundreds of private chefs who have come to BHR and put on food extravaganzas each night during the Buddymoon.


While Buddymooning by its definition is a group honeymoon, don’t forget to carve out “private” time for the couple to get away. Again, in our case, Lauren is the facilitator and can recommend several ideas to inject a little romance into your Buddymoon. How about a private dinner out on the edge of our cliffs overlooking the Gonzales Valley? Or, a night in one of our Conestoga wagons which has been romantically decorated and offers champagne and chocolate covered strawberries. Fun and romantic, right?

Finally, Buddymooning doesn’t require you to immediately jump on a plane after your wedding. Take the stress out and stay put at your venue or its surrounding areas and enjoy a wide variety of activities and interests with your friends and family. That’s what this new “Buddy Trend” is all about!

Linda Blamer

“Where She’s Never Wrong”

Blame Her Ranch


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