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Early in 2021, Blame Her Ranch (BHR) was selected by this publication as The Best Venue in America.  It was such a surprise, especially when you understand how Blame Her Ranch got its name and got in the business of hosting weddings. It’s fair to say that everything happened by chance; it all took off when different vendors started contacting us about renting the ranch. Who in their right mind would want a bunch of strangers having a party in their home? But, after giving it a try, we loved it. In fact, we attend many of the weddings held here at the ranch, kind of like the movie Wedding Crashers.

What we were shocked to find out was that most venues make it very hard for couples to get what they want. They are forced into a laundry list of restrictions and limitations that kind of kill the mood.  Who wants to shut down the band at 10:00 pm or be told that the music can only be supplied through headphones?

We say it always starts with the venue, but I will be the first to tell you that Blame Her Ranch is not for everyone. It’s remote, very exclusive and requires coordination with local hotels to find accommodations for your guests.

Weddings at Blame Her Ranch

We always tell people we are not in the wedding business. We are in the rent the ranch business. This allows couples to truly get what they want.  Whether it’s the tequila donkey, a fireworks extravaganza, or a cultural wedding that mimics what the couple would have in their country of origin.

Many of our out-of-state guests don’t know a lot about New Mexico and especially Santa Fe.  It has a rich heritage of over 400 years and Santa Fe was the first capital city of North America. It’s also a “foody town”, with worldclass dining where private chefs and restaurants provide our guests with truly remarkable and unforgettable meals.  This contributes significantly to a couple’s catering options and since BHR doesn’t limit who can cater to the wedding, the choices are limitless.  Everything from a pizza smorgasbord to an award-winning sushi truck and Walter Burke’s 5star dining has been offered here at the ranch.

Blame Her Ranch is over 1,650 acres and is adjacent to the Santa Fe National Forest. There are so many different places in which the couple can take some unbelievable formal photographs for their wedding album. We offer all couples a free four-hour photography session either before or after the event. This photography session allows the photographer to take the couple anywhere on the ranch for photographs that would be impossible during the wedding.

Given the size of the ranch, the couple actually gets four different venues and a built-in Plan B if the weather should change. We have an 18,000 sq. ft. Great Lawn, a separate Cliff Side Ceremony area as well as the Main Lodge and Knotty Pine Barn for other activities like the rehearsal dinner or if the weather takes a turn for the worse.

Whether you’re 2 miles away or 20,000 miles away, you can see Blame Her Ranch by taking a virtual tour.

As everyone says, it is not as good as being there in person, but it is pretty close.

Blame Her Ranch

“Where She’s Never Wrong”

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