Delicious Detox: London Juice Bars

Refresh your body & mind before the big day with these simple, tasty fruit & veggie blends from three juice bars in London


Try their: ‘Veggie Greens’ + ‘Beautiful Beets’

With minimal waste and slow food in mind, the incredible team at Crussh is inspiring people everywhere to juice it up! Their extraordinary raw pressed juices make for a superb cleanse to help you integrate all the healthy supplements you may be missing. We’re big fans of the following veggie juices, which will refresh your body before the big day.


Veggie Greens: Full of green leafy veggies like spinach, kale and celery, this delicious depurative drink is full of nutrients to power you up and leave you feeling clean before your wedding. Plus, this luscious green booster is low on calories, fat and sugars, so integrating this into your diet can lead to weight loss and mental clarity.

Beautiful Beets: When you are busy with the hectic wedding planning months, this energizing juice will be your best friend! An invigorating blend of beetroot, carrot, apple and lemon, this is a go-to for keeping up stamina. This fresh juice is also rich in nitrates, which improves your blood flow and keeps you in tip-top shape.



Try their:   ‘Detox Water’ + ‘Farmers Market’

For future brides, we advise following a CPRESS 100% organic vegetable cleanse to eliminate your toxins without giving your digestive system a hard time. Stick to a routine for a few days or longer and be prepared to reap the body and mind benefits! Most of all, enjoy the road to a tasty and life-changing detox. Offered by the cosy and organic café CPRESS, the ‘Original Cleanse’ is a burst of fresh ingredients and the perfect combination of nutrients for your daily diet. These two drinks, part of the ‘Original Cleanse’ will get you starting and ending your day!


8:00am Detox Water: Start your day with a punch! A perfect wake up call, rich of alkaline and a citrusy blast to get you started on your best foot. This drink has the purpose to remind you from early morning how important hydrating is.

7:00pm Farmers Market: End your  tiring day with a full green dose. A cold pressed juice, which preserves the vitamins and minerals you need to keep your body healthy and glowing. A mix of celery, kale, parsley and a touch of ginger to add the nutrition without having to buy a tone of veggies. A perfect way to end the day with a light digestion all thanks to the heavenly properties of celery.


Try their: ‘Mean Green’ + ‘Dr. Carotene’

The philosophy behind Juicebaby is all about simple changes which make a big difference. Forget processed and unnatural foods, their selection of products prepared with sustainable ingredients leave your body and mind buzzing! Recharge your body with a deep cleanse full of pressed fruits and veggies, like their signature ‘Body Good,’ which includes the following juices. This full cleanse dedicated to restoring a healthy body is ideal before a wedding.

Mean Green: A perfect blend of green ingredients like parsley and cucumber are made sweeter with a squeeze of lime. This antioxidant and vitamin rich juice is the ideal cleanser to keep your body looking and feeling great. Raw ingredients are the key, to preserve vitamins, minerals and all the freshness.

Dr. Carotene: A king of juices, ‘Dr. Carotene’ is rich in Vitamin A, the key to nourish and rejuvenate your skin. Refresh and boost your immune system with this colourful juice that is bursting with Vitamin C. A perfect blend for a bride who is looking for a healthy mix and an incredible yummy juice.

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