Winter Wonderlands

The most lovely honeymoon winter escapes!

10 Ideas for a Winter Wonderland

Pristine snow, charming cabins or the breath-taking Northern Lights, we’ve found some unforgettable winter locations for you!


With an icy lake below and a mountain range above, Suvretta House takes the crown for traditional winter hotels. Looking like a castle from a storybook, the hotel is not too far from the town of St Moritz, but enjoys total seclusion from the outside world. With several restaurants, four different types of sauna, boutiques and even a hair salon, this spa destination is the height of luxury. And of course, being in the Swiss mountains, there is plenty available for skiing fans too.



The old town of Mariánské Lázne is teeming with fascinating history and beautiful spas for honeymooners, all hidden away in a forest in the Czech Republic. The town is made up of period hotels, cafes and colonnades, surrounded by mountainous countryside. The Hvězda Spa Resort offers intensive massage treatments and the largest spa swimming pool in Marienbad. Stay in the winter and early spring months for a truly stunning view of this picturesque, fairy-tale town.



Anyone looking for a winter honeymoon is presumably a fan of snow, but can you measure up to this? Every February, two million people flock to the largest city of Hokkaido (Japan’s northernmost island), Sapporo, for the annual snow festival. Stay in the luxurious Grand Hotel and spend your days wandering around the most flamboyant and exciting ice sculptures imaginable.


THE WHITEFACE LODGE, Lake Placid, New York

This stunning timber-frame hotel is where log cabin meets palace. For fans of cosy wooden interiors and unbelievably beautiful exterior views, The Whiteface Lodge is ideal. An ice-cream parlour, grill and various other restaurants make for wonderful dining, and you can take advantage of the “Mini Moon” deal, where your Superior Suite will come with chocolate-covered strawberries, champagne and rose petals on the bed. And if you want a little adventure, go for a ski, a canoe, or a rock-climbing experience!



It doesn’t get more festive than Lapland and this unique location is out of this world. Should you choose a glass igloo for your stay, you can lie in bed, watching the stars above and amazing views of the Northern Lights on lucky nights (Kakslauttanen has one of the best chances for viewing in the world!). However, if you want something a little different, such as the Earth Lodge wedding suite, you can watch the lights before retreating inside, where the turf roof creates the most secluded and cosy atmosphere.


THE OMNIA, Switzerland

You haven’t seen beautiful until you’ve seen The Omnia, a huge wooden paneled yet strikingly modern hotel almost built into the rocks of a breath-taking mountain in Switzerland. The rooms are not numbered, and no two are identical, making for a unique experience for every stay. With balconies, fireplaces and beautiful large baths, this is the height of Swiss luxury. Outside the rooms you’ll find a stunning glass swimming pool area, and live music in The Cavern.



No, really! There are various companies offering Antarctic cruises, with day trips onto the seventh continent to witness incredible wildlife and explore the barren snowy landscape. Don’t worry though, you’ll be well taken care of with an experienced team. Stopovers happen in Southern American countries such as Argentina and Chile, where you can both start and conclude your honeymoon adventure.



The Fairmont Chateau offers an experience you will never forget: skiing, dog-sledding, skating, and even riding a helicopter! Built over a hundred years ago for explorers, this hotel is surrounded by the famous Rocky Mountains, with a stunning lake at its feet and the Victoria Glacier to top it off. And if all this wears you out, there’s a spa too! Lounges, delis and brasseries make for a varied Canadian eating experience, and the Platinum Honeymoon Program offers extra services to make your time there extra special.



Looking for something a little more contemporary? Stay in happening city Reykjavik for easy access to hot springs, geysers, glaciers, and other wonderful natural phenomena, all while enjoying the luxury of a city-based apartment. With eye-catching, modern design, heated floors and charming balconies, the flats will immerse you in Icelandic culture and give you the perfect mixture of urban and rural in a completely unique setting. Reykjavik itself is a brightly coloured, unique hive of activity and on a good night, the sky over your head will light up with the Northern Lights.



Rebuilt and redesigned every year by creative experts, every stay at the original ICEHOTEL will be unique and unbelievable. Spend your days exploring the site, with artwork and sculptures, go horseback riding or skiing, or even have a space flight — a stunning aircraft is available to take you high into the Earth’s atmosphere, on the edge of our world! The venue itself holds weddings, either in its ice church or in a countryside setting, surrounded by the stunning Swedish wilderness.