Elope “Dolce Vita” Style

Elope at  Distretto Turistico dei Laghi  in “dolce vita” style…

The picturesque views of Piedmont’s Lakes District will have your head twirling to catch every glimpse of its awe-inspiring beauty. Nestled upon the hilly grounds of Piedmont, the Lake District, is a scenic area just a few steps away from the Swiss border and easily accessible from the metropolitan cities of Turin and Milan, perfect for a romantic getaway with your love. Hop on a journey with us, as we uncover the exquisite locations that frame this enchanting region of the north. The variety of landscape, from the elegance of Lake Maggiore to charming Lake Orta, favours the perfect itinerary for a “dolce vita” escapade.


     Credits: Marco Benedetto Cerini and Archive Distretto Turistico dei Laghi

With trains departing from Milan and Turin, you can arrive at Lake Maggiore in a blink of an eye. Even more exciting, why not make your way along the panoramic roads on a lovely Italian vintage car. Once you’re in Arona why not take a stroll along the romantic promenade. An enthralling view will open before your eyes; admire the green hills that adorn the opposite coast and the Rocca of Angera, rising majestically from the rocky cliff. The petit town centre is an elegant hub, with its luxury boutiques and refined local restaurants it is simply irresistible. Perfect for culture lovers, Arona offers remarkable heritage to keep you busy for hours. The grand park at Rocca Borromea offers a breathtaking panorama over the city and is renowned for its architectural splendour.


Following the shores of Lake Maggiore, you will stumble upon the classy lake-front haven of Stresa. Delight in beautiful sights of grand hotels and lush green gardens perfect for a summer day out with your better half. Evoking a grand sense romance, Stresa offers unparalleled vistas of the Borromeo Islands. Why not hop on board a taxi boat and explore these lavish islands, you will be surprised by the richness they offer! 

Isola Madre, the largest of the islands, flourishes with great flora and fauna; so get your camera ready to capture splashes of colour from the exotic flowers. The famed Isola Bella, that translates as “beautiful island”, is a surprising gem, hidden in the deep waters of Lake Maggiore. A baroque home takes centre stage together with the Italian style garden. Imagined as a vessel, the Borromeo estate, is an astounding masterpiece enriched by the extravagance of the rooms; adorned with tapestry, statues and mysterious grottos. The grandeur of the palace leads the way to the astonishing garden, embellished by fountains and rare floral blooms. As you take in all the exotic fragrances, you may encounter the magnificent white peacocks, elegantly dancing through the garden. Last but not least, embrace the picturesque details of the narrow streets and glowing houses of Isola dei Pescatori, an enchanting maze where to get lost, creates the occasion to stop at a little local restaurant to try the mouth-watering  fish dishes. 

Views from Mottarone

The natural glory of this lake region has infinite facets to discover. For intrepid travellers ready to unravel Italy for its mounts and Alpine reach, then the natural terrace formed by Mottarone is a must. Enjoy the winter snow or simply delight in the 360 degrees panoramic views from the top. Set between Lake Maggiore and Lake Orta, the mount peak of Mottarone shines high in its majesty and overlooks seven lakes and the stunning peak of Mount Rosa. For sure, this location is an exciting visit all year around, and is home to a plethora of activities from seasonal trekking and sunny walks to daring winter sports.

Before leaving Lake Maggiore, be sure not to miss the Mediterranean climate of Cannero Riviera and Cannobio. Take a tour and contemplate the ancient ruins, as the castles of Cannero emerge from the crystal-clear waters and evoke a sense of mystery.

Get lost in Orta San Giulio…

Fall in love with the cobbled streets and medieval aura flowing through the hamlet of Orta San Giulio on Lake Orta. In this charming town, you will have the chance to take out your best outfits and adorn the gracious courts just as much as the inspiring frescos do. On your first visit, you will probably stumble upon an awe-inspiring wedding, which could trigger your interest to make this magical location the perfect wedding destination for you! This enchanting peninsula takes you back to past centuries with its testimonial houses, baroque churches and squares. Each corner you turn will stun with its character and incredible artistic flow. Up and down the alleys you will encounter rich cultural buildings as well as fashionable spots like boutique shops and exquisite star restaurants. There is a surprising discovery wherever you set foot! Villa Motta is a perfect example, a 19th century private home embellished by a lavish garden overlooking the infinite lake view. What more could you ask for!

Just a few minutes away you can reach the coasts of Isola di San Giulio, the pearl of Lake Orta. It is incredible how a tiny island can possess so many treasures. From the early Christian church to the glorious Romanic sculptures are still visible today. Take your love by the hand and waltz through the tantalising pathways leading you across monumental private homes fit for a queen and king. 


Located on the west bank of Lake Maggiore, Verbania is the largest town in the Lakes District and its main administrative centre. It is very well known for the marvellous Botanical Gardens of Villa Taranto and its stunning views of the Alps.

Piccolo Lago Verbania -Lago Mergozzo

Brimming with local dishes and fresh ingredients, Piccolo lago, set on Lake Mergozzo, offers traditional cuisine kept alive by a modern twist. The refined restaurant has been touched by the warmth of the lighting and soft colours making their way through the windows. Grab a seat on the marvellous veranda or around the idyllic garden. The green peaks and glassy waters create a floating culinary jewel ready to satisfy your palate with the exquisite dishes of Chef Marco Sacco. (piccololago.it)

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Verbano Events-Baveno

A destination wedding over the Italian lakes is what many dream of, however the planning process can be a daunting task. For your dream wedding in the Lake District you need the helping hand of the exclusive DMC company of the region. For sure Verbano Events are the experts ready to take on the challenge of transforming your ideas into a fairy tale. Every detail, from location to floristry, will be in tune with your personality. So sit back and enjoy the ride! CIAO! (verbanoevents.com)

Source: Distretto Turistico dei Laghi

Words by Eleonora Tucci

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