Here is a surprising fact, in America 40% of all wedding engagements occur between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day with the majority of them occurring on or around Christmas day. Why? Because it’s the season of romance and the best holiday gift of all time has to be a sparkling new engagement ring! That being said, Valentine’s Day and New Year’s closely follow Christmas as the second and third most common days in which partners get down on one knee and pop the question. Just as interesting, 50% of all proposals are planned in less than a month.

Last year Covid-19 affected the tradition of festive engagements, primarily due to fewer family gatherings and exciting experiences for the proposer to pull out all the stops. But, make no bones about it, we are entering into the engagement hot zone, so what you do to make it special is just as important as choosing the right ring.

Not to take away from the excitement and fun of an engagement, but as soon as the couple is ready to go, the hard part and planning needs to begin right away. At Blame Her Ranch (BHR) we tell people who are newly engaged to plan their wedding at least 18 months in advance. And, to also be extremely flexible on the actual wedding date, but zero-in on the season you wish to get married. We recommend you don’t announce or communicate your wedding date until you have locked down your venue of choice. By approaching it in this manner, and by giving yourself 18 months or more to plan your wedding, you will have time to assess all the different venue options and arrange the other vendors you will need, like photographer and florists among others, to round out your wedding plans.

We, at BHR, are always as helpful as we can be on all “pre” arrangements prior to the big day. This includes allowing the couple to come up to the ranch for an actual engagement ceremony. But, we also go one step further, after the couple books with us we provide the ranch and its many locations for FREE for an engagement photoshoot. Couples can use the photographs to entice wedding guests with hints about the future wedding day venue.

To make your engagement time even more special, either at the ranch or at the couple’s home, we suggest the following:

While BHR is, without a doubt, one of the best wedding venues in New Mexico, it is also a venue that we offer to couples to enhance their engagement activities. And a great setting that will showcase the venue you will be married at to all of your friends and family!

But again, don’t hesitate!  More time allows you to do better planning, save money, and get everything you want on the day day you want it! WH

1. Put the engagement ring directly on one of the ornaments of the Christmas tree and have your partner search for it.

2. Custom design a special engagement ornament to excite everyone and have as a keepsake.

3. Make the ring a special present under the tree, but keep it a secret.

4. Make the actual proposal under the Christmas lights either at your home or at BHR.

5. Put the proposal in custom-made lights (like Marry Me Linda) and flip the switch when you pull out the ring.

6. Use the Christmas stocking to pull out the ring and make the proposal in the morning.

7. Secret Santa – why not involve others and have Santa bring the ring to the proposer.

8. Customise the engagement ring. Many jewelers will allow you to customize the ring. So just buy a simple wedding band for the actual proposal and then have fun designing the final product together on Christmas morning.

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