Enzo Miccio

You have introduced the role of the Wedding and Event Planner in Italy, why do you believe this position is essential and highly important when organising a wedding? I introduced the Wedding Planner in Italy twenty years ago, I really believe that a wedding planner could change the image of the wedding, organizing himself all day, giving the wedding day a new perspective with an important scenographic project.

When did you first decide to use your fashion and design expertise in the wedding planning world

I didn’t really decide, it was a natural evolution about my work in the wedding planning world. Fashion and design are focused on the search for beauty, I just wanted to transfer this idea to the wedding day.

What inspires you?

Everything, but really love art, fashion and the beauty of nature. The venue is the first inspiration.Following the location I decide with the newlyweds the mood about the intire wedding day. I often use also the opera and classical music for inspiring me. I could say the the real beauty inspires me.

What makes your work one-of-a-kind?

I have a real obsession with details, I really think the phrase “details makes the difference” is the real truth about this work. In 20 years as a wedding designer I also founded a production agency in which we produce scenographies set up for weddings, we also focus on the transformation of spaces. Every wedding is like a play, we don’t have the second chance.

Enzo Miccio 

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Why do you think destination weddings are a new trend? 

The weddings are now real events, the  destination wedding gives to newlyweds the opportunity to create a wonderful wedding with different moments and to share this experience with the guests. Looking for new places, wonderful venues, beautiful landscapes… also organising it could be a wonderful trip.

Must-haves for a glamorous wedding?

I think that for a glamorous wedding the fil rouge is essential. creating an event with a fil rouge and maintaining it throughout the event makes the wedding unique and unforgettable. The common thread can be represented by a color, a theme, a detail dear to the spouses. Obviously then, a fundamental element is also to create a hashtag, today marriages are also real social events.

Bridal Design

A few wedding dress shopping Do’s and Don’ts?

Choosing a wedding dress is an absolutely personal moment. Never go with too many people, they would end up confusing you. Always try on clothes with different silhouhettes and different fabrics. Don’t go too early to buy the dress and then a fundamental thing, choose a dress that speaks about you and where you feel comfortable.

Do you have any fashion advice for the groom?

The advice is similar to that for the bride, choose clothes where you feel yourself and talk about you. Avoid too bright colors and above all choose a dress that fits you perfectly.

Do you have fashion advice for guests attending a countrychic wedding?

Following the mood of the event is also important for guests. For a wedding country chic, choose dresses in soft colors, with floral patterns, light fabrics and why not, if the venue allows it, flat shoes and flowers in your hair.

Is there an accessory you never leave home without? 

Dress and tie, essential for me in any formal occasion with a colourful pocket square. 

Who is your fashion heroine?

I have many fashion heroines. I adore Dive from the past like Grace Kelly, Grace Kelly, Rita Hayworth and Marlene Dietrich, independent, strong, beautiful and completely different from each other.

Tell us a bit about your latest bridal collection2020 Quintessentially

Quintessentially talks about women and women; independent and free women who, for their marriage, want a dress that speaks about them and their peculiarities. The Enzo Miccio’s Bride is a conscious and pragmatic woman but, at the same time, a dreamer and romantic. Mikado, organza and chiffon the fabrics chosen by the designer; fabrics that speak of Made in Italy, tailoring and Haute Couture. Precious embroideries and applications adorn the clothes and the body, which from accessories become real essential elements. The color palette chosen is an ode to white with some unexpected touch of pink in all its shades

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