Find Passion in Buenos Aires

A vibrant city, where music and passion blend to shape the zesty character of the streets.

We are taking you all the way to Argentina, where you can let your hair down and explore the hidden fire you have been casting aside all this time. A city that does not sleep, Buenos Aires will keep you entertained and dreaming throughout your entire journey. This city is a perfect match for someone who wants to light up the streets and discover the secret hangouts of South America.

What will stun you about Buenos Aires is the throbbing life, as you sneak around the corners and always find a lovely smile or an invigorating spot to sit for a laugh. A contagious aura will follow your every move. Head out with your better half or with the best group of friends and dance the night away!

One of the cultural roots that Buenos Aires proudly cherishes is being home to the seducing dance form of tango with its saucy musical rhythms. Famed as the most sensual and romantic dance, originating its glory from past heritage of multiple cultures, participating in the tango is a don’t miss when visiting Buenos Aires. A dance designed by former slaves and the lower-class community blended with European immigrants, it expresses the passion for smooth movements and fiery glances. Discover the lively nightlife as you dive into one of underground milongas and give in to the alluring dance scene. The nightlight is truly an expression of young communities blending together to celebrate life in a new intriguing city. This city is a perfect match for a couple ready to explore a new special aspect of their passionate love story.

Buenos Aires is a mixture of cultures which reflects greatly on the diverse and expressive neighbourhoods of the city. It is a cosmopolitan treasure with a grand centre, representing the European settlement and the modernisation of downtown. As you venture through the streets, you will stumble upon the local scene and the bustling personality of the social life. Soak up the culture while resting in a Porteño Café, that for years has been the centre of social engagement. The crowded locations are brimming with political discussion and business decision making. In the mix, you will find students confronting philosophical knowledge or artistic creativity, which shines on the cultural spirit of this South American setting.

La Boca

As you embrace the diversity of the colours of the charming neighbourhoods, you will walk through a melting pot of architecture and culinary traditions, representing the vibrant heritage of each settled community. With 50 neighbourhoods, 60 theatres and 700 art galleries, there is not a day to waste in this magnificent backdrop. A peculiar cityscape you cannot miss is La Boca, a picturesque quarter bursting with bright colours and exquisite artistic taste for design. Set along the harbour, this unique site has been inspired by the plastic artist Benito Quinquela Martin, who for years made it his conquest to reproduce the vivid colours of his painting into a live project. This is how the magical aspect of La Boca was created and forever can be appreciated by the locals and for the visitors.

For a romantic escape from the business of the congested centre, set off to visit the idyllic and eclectic scenery of Palermo, one of the largest barrios of Buenos Aires. The grand beauty of this district is enhanced by the stunning natural landscape and the uniqueness of the fashionable cocktail bars and restaurants. Visit the lush Botanical Gardens or the Large Green Parks and step away from the stretches of concrete. Indulge in the floral bliss of the rose gardens and delight yourself with the sound of the river flowing with your every step.

Palermo is also renowned for the charm of its artisanal markets and precious boutiques. Edgy designers and a more international flair will please whoever pops in these small shops. Do not worry, there is a great variety of local cafés for you to rest in during your busy day, for a special brunch remember to book a seat at Vive Cafe in Palermo, serving incredible luscious coffees and juices!

Vive | Cafe Costa Rica 5722, Buenos Aires 1414 | +54 11 4774-5461 

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