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With a growing emphasis on embracing unique and natural beauty, it is becoming more of a trend for brides to forego lots of foundation in exchange for lighter makeup and a radiant glow on their big day. To help bridal couples and guests achieve their desired look, the Epilium & Skin clinic in Marylebone provides a variety of top quality surgical and non-surgical treatments, some of which have no down time! Earlier in the week, I popped into the clinic to discover their secrets to glowing skin…

A pioneering French medical beauty clinic, Epilium & Skin was founded nearly fifteen years ago in Paris by Dr. Bernard Hayot. The clinic prides itself on impactful results, using advanced techniques combined with bespoke attention to achieve the desired look for each client. Each staff member has over fifteen years of experience and has been trained by Dr. Hayot, so you can rest assured that you are in good hands.

From the moment you walk in to their light-flooded minimalist clinic, you are aware of the level of quality and attention to detail. A lot of care has been put into providing not only a great experience, but great results. They operate on the model of a “French touch,” which means that they focus on long lasting and natural-looking rejuvenation and enhancement. As an example of this point, Dr. Hayot has said, “In my opinion, instead of stretching the skin to appear more youthful, restoring lost volume to the face is a far more effective method.”

Common treatments for brides include facial peels, hyaluronic acid, the Vampire Facelift, Deep Cleansing and what I experienced, the Hydrafacial. I have very sensitive skin and my nurse, Dyna assured me that this was a gentle, yet effective treatment that wouldn’t irritate me. She was right! The resurfacing Hydrafacial has been dubbed the “Red Carpet Treatment” because it has no downtime, meaning that you can receive treatment in the morning and get married in the afternoon.

The Hydrafacial consists of multiple stages, beginning with cleansing and exfoliation. A rejuvenating formula cleanses before dead skin cells are gently exfoliated with a non-abrasive scrub. Next, the ‘Vortex Fusion’ tool is brought out to continue the treatment. This looks like a large electronic vibrating pen that is swept slowly across the face, beginning with the forehead. While a serum of salicylic acid works to brighten and remove debris from the pores, the tool performs gentle extractions that tingle, but are not painful. The Hydrafacial also includes application of nourishing bespoke serums depending on what your skin needs, from honey extracts to hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and peptides to replenish the skin. Finally, a cooling sheet mask is applied to further calm and set everything. Relax à la shavasana in the dark for about ten minutes and voilà, your skin is both glowing and feels incredibly fresh and hydrated!

This is the kind of treatment that once you have it, you realize that you really should be having it done on a regular basis. Even after the first few days, my skin continues to feel softer and look brighter than before because the products work under the skin to maintain a homeostasis and prevent redness, breakouts and more. If you’re considering trying a treatment before the big day, we definitely recommend a stop or two at Epilium & Skin. Trust us, your skin will thank you!

Written by Kristie Landing

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