How to Save Money on Your Destination Wedding | Wedding Forex

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Wedding Forex is a revolutionary international payments platform specifically for the wedding industry. As wedding planners, the Wedding Forex team often heard that destination clients were losing money because banks had taken charges without telling them on their international transfers and offered unfavorable exchange rates. Wedding Forex is here to make sure that doesn’t happen, saving you time and money while ensuring your payments are secure!

How They Do It

Wedding Forex purchases foreign currency at a rate that has very small margins compared to the banks. They ensure that when quotations are provided online that these are live rates, including their commissions. The platform enables you to secure your rate in advance and physically purchases the currency for you on your behalf. Their margins are no more than 1% above the interbank rate whereas banks will charge about 6% above the interbank rate. They only charge a £10 processing fee for payments under £3000, whereas banks can charge around £30 per payment.

Trustworthy & Reliable

Wedding Forex is FCA regulated and uses the most sophisticated levels of protection available in the market today to validate and release payments. These are global standards for all major banks. Their dedicated customer support team are on hand at all times to take your queries and they also have a dedicated payments specialist team who will track your payment every step of the way with you! 

Written by Kristie Landing

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