Planning a Wedding with supply chain issues in a Post-Pandemic World…

Even before the Covid pandemic, we always told potential guests they should be planning 12-18 months in advance.

But, even today in a post-pandemic world, we get requests for weddings with only three to four months lead time. This is engagement season and we hate to pour cold water on those couples looking to get married in 2022, but the facts are, here at Blame Her Ranch, we only have one weekend left during our spring, summer, and fall peak season and that date is only available because somebody had to cancel. Blame Her Ranch, outside of Santa Fe, NM, is a high-end and elite venue that can service up to 250 day guests and has sleeping accommodations, including Glamping, for 44 guests.

For those couples insisting on getting married in 2022, we can only offer mid-week weddings this year. But, what is just as important for any newly engaged couple is that 2023 is filling up quickly. We are already 70% full for peak weekends. Obviously, less advantageous venues like hotel ballrooms offer more flexibility and can accommodate as many as two or three weddings a day.

However, this does not line up with couples wanting premiere  locations and destination weddings. While we have been lucky, many venues and wedding vendors have been hit with increasing costs, staffing shortfalls, and again, availability issues. So while you might find the perfect venue, make sure that everything from the caterer  to the florist can operate on your special day and can provide the necessary supplies they need to make your wedding special.

As with other areas in the supply chain, costs are skyrocketing for everyone in the wedding industry and unfortunately those costs are needing to be passed onto the happy couple. One of our suppliers increased their rates by 20% compared to last year. This is without a doubt a problem that will affect all wedding budgets going forward.

The supply of goods is low, but the demand for wedding venues and services is as high as it has ever been.

While Blame Her Ranch is already recognised as one of the best venues in America and was recently awarded one of the top 18 ranch sites in America by The Knot, we are trying to do our best for couples in 2022 and beyond. For example, we will not raise our rates until late this year and that increase will only be 5%. Others are increasing their rates as much as 25% or greater. We are also offering couples a 10% discount for booking quickly and early! Also, we have reduced the cost of our single-day option and even have

the “quickie” wedding for five hours at our Cliffside Ceremony and Knotty Pine Barn.

Weddings have always been a stressful time, but this post-pandemic world is without question increasing the stress level for everyone.

So, it’s up to venues like BHR to creatively think outside the box to help couples get the wedding of their dreams at the time they want and at the price they can afford.

Happy Hunting! Get started now, be flexible (especially on your wedding date), and open-minded as it will seriously increase your chances and reduce your stress!

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