Idyllic Weddings at Hedingham Castle

Immersed in the lush countryside of Essex, the grand Hedingham Castle is a historical and marvelous venue perfect for an awe-inspiring wedding…

Surrounded by 900 years of Norman heritage, Hedingham Castle has that singular charm you have been searching for. With a rich history, experience a true medieval feast as you make your way inside the castle. Prepare to be enchanted by the prestigious stone structures that make this incredible venue an exceptional gem from past centuries. Greet your guests under an archway entrance and make your way to an elegant table setting, where you will feel as if you had just been crowned king and queen. Incredibly stunning medieval chandeliers will give a warmth to your unique reception and the interiors will take you back to ancient times.

The excellence of this estate resides in the superb corners you can set your ceremonial reception. For an idyllic aura, delight your guests with a celebration in the charming Marquee. This is a superb space to dance the night away with your dearest ones under the stars. For a tranquil stroll, explore the bucolic gardens and enjoy champagne on the lavish Tulip Lawn. Hadingham Castle has that distinctive character that will make any bride and groom fall in love. A blend of romance and history, this stately location has the key to transform your big day into a timeless memory for you and your guests.

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