Must Stay: JK7 Spa & Wellness Retreat Austria

JK7 Spa & Wellness Retreat Austria

Journey to the land of alpine summits, snow-capped mountains and flower-freckled meadows; the idyllic nation of Austria is perfect for a relaxing and rejuvenating escapade.

Enjoy the beauty of the alpine nation from the comfort of the JK7 Spa and Wellness retreat in Soho. Embedded in undisturbed green landscapes with breath-taking views of the Carinthian Mountains, the beautiful retreat exudes tranquility.

Offering the seclusion of a private residence with the service of a five-star hotel, it is the ideal destination for honeymooners seeking a revitalizing experience.

Authentic Atmosphere

Experience the unparalleled splendor of this Austrian haven from the comfort of your private apartment. Adorned with authentic and functional architecture, the modern style in combination with natural materials gives the retreat a personal and feel-good atmosphere. With sophisticated lighting, aromatic scents and harmonious background music, the spa appeals to all your senses.

Each exclusive apartment is designed for complete tranquility. Avoiding televisions and wireless Internet, guests enjoy an unsurpassed quality of sleep through a natural and low-radiation space. Environmentally conscious, the Soho campus also features their own water source, chlorine-free indoor-pool as well as energy-saving solar technologies.

JK7 Spa & Wellness Retreat AustriaComplete Rejuvenation

Equipped with several bespoke wellness and holistic packages, the team at JK7 Spa entice you to leave behind the concerns of everyday life and bask in complete rejuvenation, making this experience perfect for couples seeking to press the restart button on their health.

Renew your senses at the herbal steam sauna, or relax your muscles with a customised massage. Regenerate from within through an invigorating Baptiste Power yoga session or ride on well-trained sports horses through the beautiful landscape.

Delight in strictly vegetarian and vegan meals, with ingredients sourced from their own kitchen garden. Swiss celebrity chef Ralph Sterling considerably plans each meal and delicious wholesome snacks whilst non-alcoholic drinks and smoothies are served throughout the day.

Committed to a philosophy of diligence knowledge and love for every guest that enters through their doors, the team at JK7 Spa & Wellness Retreat Austria will ensure for an unforgettable honeymoon experience.

by Vanessa Donkoh

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