Launch of My Beauty Squad App

“We want to help our future brides and grooms feel at their very best on their special day. With the glamorous hands of the beauty experts of My Beauty Squad all of this is possible and  with just a click away a beautician will fly to your doorstep!”


We were kindly invited to the launch party of My Beauty Squad App, where we got a little taste of the quality and high-class pampering offered by some of their beauty gurus. With 140 expert stylists working around London, Cork and Dublin you can be sure to have high quality on demand service when you need it the most!

The concept behind My Beauty Squad started in 2016 with the dedication and passion of Queila Doyle, the founder, who perceived beauty as a accessible and empowering environment to build upon. From creating a supportive backdrop for all the beauticians, to reaching out to all women, the creative team at My Beauty Squad has gone above and beyond to cherish co-working between women and awe-inspiring dedication to making each and every woman feel great about herself.

It is for sure a “Beauty Revolution”, downloading from an easy-to-use app the expertise of a beauty magician ready to travel to your home or office to let you shine on a glam night out or on your special wedding day. My Beauty Squad App is arranged in 3 main key areas: 1. Book your appointment 2. Fun Tutorial 3. News feed. For any personalised style you may be looking for, there is a professional makeup artist, hair stylist or nail expert who will take over your worries and make sure you look fabulous from the comfort of your own home. Acknowledging that we are all diverse, be sure that there is a trained professional who delivers special and personalised care to every customer.

For all of our brides, this special app can help you feel stunning during the stressful moments before tying the knot. Plan ahead and book tutorials and go-to beauty service to find your suited wedding day style. In fact, the app includes a magical section reserved for the much needed bridal care. Walk down the aisle with the elegant style crafting delivered straight to you by the friendly beauty specialists of My Beauty Squad!

By Eleonora Tucci


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