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Your special wedding day comes once in a lifetime and you need incredible photography to remember it by. For this reason, it is so essential for our future brides and grooms to have a remarkable photographer to capture the awe-inspiring blissful recollections of that romantic day. A professional photographer is a must when planning a perfect wedding and a precious element that will keep you dreaming of that magical event forever.

5 Reasons you should hire a professional photographer…


  1. Quality Guaranteed. They will ensure that your once in a lifetime moments are captured to perfection. The little moments of your big day are memories you will cherish for a lifetime and show to your grandchildren, so make them count!  For impeccable images you need a photographer who knows how to handle the camera and bring out the best quality and charm of your wedding.
  2. Hands-Free Celebration. Hiring a professional photographer means that your guests won’t have to spend all night snapping photos. You and they will be able to enjoy the special moments without worry. A professional will be able to move among you without disruption and will make sure that everyone is included in your photobook.
  3. Bespoke Artistry. Think of your wedding photographer as an artist. Your special day an enchanting creation that they will enhance with their creative eye. Let their years of experience assure you as they showcase the true essence of your extraordinary love.
  4.  Reliability. When hiring a professional photographer, you are trusting them to capture the significant moments of your wedding. You do not need to chase them around overseeing that they are doing their tasks up to expectation. They will immerse themselves in the background as you shine through their lens.
  5. Dream Big. As you go about planning, make sure you have a professional who will go above and beyond to create the perfect setting for your inspiring shots. A top notch photographer with expertise will set the lighting, landscape and capture the quintessential moments that you will keep close to you for years to come.

Our Top 25 Wedding Photographers of the World

1. Blitzkneisser | Austria

“We realized that in wedding photography it is perfect to work as a team and that we complement each other flawlessly. We capture emotions and images that tell stories even after years.”


2. Colin Vickers Wedding Photography | Austria

“I love to photograph a wedding and to capture all those beautiful moments from one of the most romantic days of our lives.”


3. Ash Gardiner | Bahamas

“You’ll have these photographs for the rest of your life to look back on the day that you married your soulmate.”


4.Addison Cumberbatch Weddings in Barbados | Barbados

“I always strive to creates images that are emotive, classic and artistic; images that tell your story.”


5.Picture this Studios | Cayman Islands

“From conception to post-production, everything is custom and personal, with all images crafted to perfection.”


6.Raw Shoots Costa Rica

“We want to get to know you and want you to feel comfortable, relaxed and confident about our work. When all of this happens we are more than sure that we can accomplish the best work ever.”


7. Kyriakides Photo Cinema | Cyprus

“I have been a wedding photographer for more than 2 decades and captured countless of weddings over the years. I do LOVE my work and I have my own style and way to capture my images.”


8. Sai Digital Photography England

“Letting things happen naturally and without force, Rohit captures those candid moments of emotion throughout the day, allowing each photograph to tell a story.”


9. Lily Christina Photography | Finland

“I always try to give a little more than I promise and do everything I can in the best possible way. I believe we will have fun together!”


10. Michelle Lawson Photography | Florida, USA

“We invest our lives, our love, our souls – into every single wedding and photo session that we go to.”


11. Falkenberg PhotographyGermany

“At the wedding, I accompany you throughout the day and capture all the important moments from the preparations to the wedding ceremony and celebration.”


12. Derek Pickell PhotographyGrenada

“With extensive experience in wedding, aerial, real estate, yacht, and portrait photography, Derek provides clients with images that exceed their expectations and which make their photos stand out above the crowd.”







13. ManiSol WeddingItaly

“Our aim is to craft the most personal, bespoke, unique memories of our couple’s special moments into photographs and films they will cherish forever.”


14. Alexey Kudrik PhotographyIsrael

“Each shot Alexey took was innovative and beautifully conceived, and he has captured all the joy and emotions of our special day in a truly unique and magical way.”


15. Tony’s Photo StudioMalta

“Our mission statement is to provide high quality photography with a creative edge delivered with the best customer satisfaction.”


16. Dana Siles PhotographyRhode Island

“I simply love making people happy through photography and that is really my primary goal every day, whether I am out photographing my clients or in front of the computer working on their images.”


17. Marlies Dekker FotografieNetherlands

“Love should be celebrated! The photos of the big day should represent the authenticity and pureness of your wedding experience. As a wedding photographer, I want to tell your personal story filled with love.”


18. Diana NobrePortugal

“Diana Nobre creates incredible photography for your special wedding day, producing lifestyle shots of extreme charm. She captures the beauty of every moment and her skilled design skills create enchanting images.”


19. Anna A. PhotographySantorini, Greece

“I absolutely love vibrant colours and contrasting textures and try to work these unique elements into the images I create. I am fortunate to live in the most magical place in the world, Santorini.”


20. Fern PhotographyScotland

“Our wedding photography style creates natural, clean and contemporary images of weddings. We travel near and far to work with couples to make sure their day is documented perfectly.”


21. Barefoot HeartSouth Africa

“For us it’s not just a wedding, it’s a story and for that we like to make sure that we capture your story in the most magical, authentic way.”


22. Iris Art PhotographySpain

“The day itself will be emotional, overwhelming and quick. Iris Art Photography, with their documentary and candid style, stop the precious moments, so in months time you can relax and look back at your wedding day.”


23. John HellstrӧmSweden

“I know how important a wedding day is, and how enjoyable it is to remember it and to show and leave your legacy to future generations.”


24. Miss FioueSwitzerland

“Having Miss Fioue with you is like having a professional bridesmaid, the keeper of your most beautiful memories for the years to come, thanks to her expert eye and warm personality.”


25. Lia Everette PhotographyVirginia, USA

“We never want to show up on your wedding day and feel like strangers to you. Getting to know our couples and growing a relationship with them is so important to us, which is why we believe in sharing who we are with you.”




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