London’s Finest Hub-The Curtain

 The City’s musical scene meets sophistication at The Curtain…


In the heart of Shoreditch, The Curtain, invites creative entrepreneurs and curious globetrotters to peek inside its buzzing doors. A modern concept of hotel, this city hub is the perfect hotspot for fun-seeking travellers or for a couple ready to get hitched in Shoreditch’s artistic scene.

Find a refined ambience with trendy touches that will keep you enchanted throughout your stay. For a weekend escape in the lively metropolis, The Curtain is the indicated venue to grasp the true essence of London. With a newly refurbished Green Room, you can delight your palate with an exquisite afternoon tea; with the chance to taste the authenticity of the most mouth-watering English delights. Treat yourself to luscious teas accompanying your grand choice of cakes and the intriguing Gin & Tonic cucumber sandwiches. From traditional Earl Grey to fruity infusions, the hotel together with Hackney Herbal has brought health and herbal remedies to its bubbly community. To make the most of your time at The Curtain, why not try their signature blend, a burst of fragrances all wrapped within the chic atmosphere of this East London gem.


The splendid location by nightfall transforms into a trendy spot, where to try contemporary drinks and appreciate the musical notes flowing through the corridors. From drinks at the Green Room to a panoramic dinner date at Lido, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the excitement of London. Lido, the edgy brasserie overlooking the stunning skyline, offers the perfect opportunity to indulge in scenic views and seasonal delicacies from the a-day-to-night kitchen. Proposed exclusively to members and hotel guests, only at Lido can you sip on a mean Spritz as you unwind by the pool.


Uncover the new scene of the city by discovering the neighbouring streets or plan a weekend getaway dedicated to the art of resting. Guests are expected to enjoy a late breakfast in bed and right after a nice dive in the rooftop pool. Take in some of the city’s artistic scene, as  you make your way around the unique hotel. This could be the best way to escape the hustle and bustle of London, all topped by a trip to the wellness centre, where you can spoil yourself with rejuvenating spa treatments.

City Wedding

If the city is your place and you would like a splendid wedding set in the bustling streets of London, The Curtain offers infinite luxe possibilities for your special day. Indulge in the lavish artistic culture of the hotel and plan from scratch your wedding stage. The stunning ballroom is a blank canvas ready to be transformed in your dream setting. With a great team at hand ready to make any wish come true, you can be sure that your special event will be a show-stopper. Choose from an intimate breakfast with your loved ones or opt for a grand reception, there are numerous ways to get the party started. If you wish to immerse completely in the city buzz and musical scene, plan an atmospheric reception overlooking the London skyline within the poolside restaurant Lido and then take the celebration in the exclusive LP club, where some of the best gigs of London take place!

45 CURTAIN ROAD, LONDON EC2A 3PT | +44 (0) 203 146 4545

By Eleonora Tucci

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