Must Visit: Shuttleworth, Bedfordshire

A five thousand acre estate in the heart of Bedfordshire, Shuttleworth offers history, beauty and nature…

Escape to the countryside of Bedfordshire, where acres of picturesque land surround a historic estate awaiting your arrival. Stately Shuttleworth is the perfect getaway with activities for the whole family and beautiful parkland. Explore the history of aircrafts and vintage vehicles displayed in The Shuttleworth Collection, opened by Dorothy Shuttleworth in 1960 or stroll through the hidden gardens on site. Their serene countryside venues are also perfect for your wedding ceremony or reception.

An elegant and wintry setting awaits you at Shuttleworth’s Ceremonial House, where you will be able to host an exclusive celebration in one of the rooms with adorned ceilings and superb chandeliers. Or, for a more intimate and scenic background, why not opt for one of the settings on the 425 acres of natural parkland? The romantic Swiss Garden is the perfect choice for a fairytale wedding. The picturesque views will immerse you in a fantasy world and your guests will without a doubt get lost in the discovery of the hidden corners of this magical locus. A landscape taken out of a fable with little ponds and decorative bridges will make for a truly memorable wedding location. Particularly scenic is the intimate and underwater location of Grotto & Fernery.

If you are extremely passionate about the collection of historical vehicles and aircrafts, you can also host your wedding in the Hangars! Not to worry, they will be perfectly adorned according to your tastes and the huge space will make an exquisite reception area.

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