Braxton Gardiner Photography

Dedicated to showcasing the most beautiful glimpses of such a momentous occasion, Braxton Gardiner Photography places a strong focus on quality instead of quantity when taking gorgeous wedding photographs. Based in the Bahamas, this photography expert has the magic recipe for a timeless photo collection.


Telephone:  1 (242) 422-6692




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Cayman Islands

Joseph Linder Photography

A professional photographer with an extremely adaptable approach to factors such as lighting and landscape, Joseph Linder seeks to capture authentic moments between couples and wedding guests. Based in the Cayman Islands, this Joseph is an expert in delivering fun and relaxed photo shoots.


Telephone:  +1 345 927 7822




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Dominican Republic

Kumantsova Productions

From the Dominican Republic’s luscious green tropics to its revitalising sunshine rays and picturesque ocean waves, Kumantsova Productions uses the surrounding landscape to its advantage when taking unforgettable wedding pictures. Illustrating a seamless blend of nature and romance, Kumantsova Productions are masters at producing lovely wedding photos.


Telephone: +1 (829) 841-95-10



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Sapples Photography

Sapples Photography from Jamaica specialise in transforming your special day into a perfectly arranged photo-book collection. Offering its clients the choice of four pre-made wedding packages or a more personalised bespoke service, this photographer immortalises your very best wedding moments. 


Telephone: (876) 322-8659




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St Lucia

Bex Photo Pro

With a keen eye for memorable moments full of raw, authentic emotion, Bex Photo Pro accurately portrays the inner beauty of newlyweds and their guests in a single snapshot. Each and every wedding event is approached with the utmost care and consideration, ensuring a wonderful conclusion to your big day.


Telephone: 1-758-5185070




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