Plan B…

Plan B…

Without question, the single biggest mistake couples make when planning their wedding is to not have a Plan B.

Why would you shell out tens of thousands of pounds without knowing exactly and precisely what to do when “mother nature” or other events can affect your wedding plans?

All good wedding planners should provide you with a Plan B or you have the wrong wedding planner. This is especially true if you are planning an outdoor wedding where the weather can become an issue. Obviously, this is especially important when picking a venue and if you plan to have your ceremony or banquet outside.

Here at Blame Her Ranch, we created two Plan B options that don’t cost the couple any extra money and are well coordinated through our Site Manager, Randy the Ranch Hand. Obviously, with all Plan B’s, they are not as good as Plan A… hence the name. But at BHR, they are pretty good as you can move your ceremony and banquet from our Cliffside Ceremony area and Great Lawn into the Cowboy Chic Knotty Pine Barn or Great Room Lodge. With any Plan B, you will also need to decide when is the last minute you can pull the trigger so you don’t jump to Plan B prematurely.

Many times, and with today’s technology, you can follow the progression of inclement weather and get the short ceremony completed within 20 minutes between storms. The banquet at BHR is a bit trickier as the couple and Randy the Ranch Hand need to evaluate a three-hour like window and shift to the barn or main lodge based on what weather may be coming and for how long.

But, if your venue does not have an indoor option or won’t allow you to move to an indoor facility, you are taking an enormous chance and putting a “damper” on your special day.

Beyond Plan B for weather-related issues, it is just as important, especially in this pandemic world, to think through some of the other factors you or your Planner may need to address.  For instance:

1. Elderly accidents. People trip and fall at weddings all the time. What is the protocol and what steps will you take should you face an unfortunate incident?

2. Government Covid regulations. While we all hope for improved conditions, every District, State or Country is constantly updating protocols. Know now if you are going

to require all guests to be vaccinated, wear masks, or even quarantine before your event. It doesn’t mean you have to do them if they are not required, just be ready for the “what ifs”.

3. Moving your date. Like most venues, BHR has a firm no cancellation policy. But during Covid’s early days, we tried to work with all of our guests who were forced to postpone to find another date later in the year or the following year. We also face guests who’ve had major catastrophes like an accident or military personnel being transferred. Under these special circumstances, we try to rent the ranch to someone else which allows us to refund deposits of those who have been dealt a bad hand.

Here at BHR, which is privately owned, we take a much more customer-focused approach for Plan B planning. Not being

a corporation, resort or B&B, we can be more flexible and sympathetic when things arise. But Plan B’s are not limited just to your venue so make sure you know what those would be for your other supplier. No one wants to execute a Plan B, but by having it gives you peace of mind and much more enjoyment on your wedding day.

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