An Interview with the founder of Scarlet Events

Find out all you need to know about the international luxury event services of Scarlet Events…


Tell us a bit about yourself?

I am the Director of Scarlet, a luxury wedding planning agency based in London. I have had the pleasure of organising incredible luxury weddings for ten years but I have been in the wedding industry for 15 years in total. Drawing together a global network of event specialists and hand-picked vendors, it’s my pleasure to design and deliver exquisite celebrations for extraordinary people. Though I may sit in the Director’s chair, I rarely stay still, travelling the world to seek out exceptional locations, commission headline acts, and coordinate vast guest lists. It’s an honour to work with esteemed individuals from all corners of the globe – from West Coast stars to Middle Eastern Royalty. 


How did you take the first steps in the wedding industry?

I was always the one organising birthday parties and celebrations at university and when my sister held her wedding ten years ago, I organised everything and from there, I decided to make a career out of it.


How would you describe Scarlet Events as a business?

With a flair for the spectacular and an approach that’s deeply personal, at Scarlet we offer an above-and-beyond service to produce society weddings that both hosts and guests will never forget. Scarlet is a world leader in creating unique and unforgettable celebrations. We have an established reputation as one of the world’s leading wedding planners and our business comes mainly from word of mouth recommendations. 


Where are you based? Which destinations do you cover?

Based in London, we travel and work across the entire world, from a bustling metropolis to a private island destination.


Do you have a signature touch/style?

We bring imagination and discretion to every party, telling our client’s personal story with breath-taking events that make an instant and everlasting impression. All of our events are completely bespoke, with no two celebrations ever looking the same.


The key to a successful wedding and planning process?

Mutual trust, clear communication, and transparency between the wedding planner and clients.


How important is the wedding budget?

The budget makes a huge difference, especially when considering the destination of the wedding. The South of France for example is much more expensive than Florence so a realistic budget needs to be set for the chosen location. It is difficult to guess what kind of numbers a client is comfortable with, so the couple should be clear on what they want and what kind of figure will be comfortable and let the planner advise from there. Expensive Champagne should have a budget of its own, as well as hotel rooms and A-list entertainment.



How do your events stand out from the rest? 

Our focus is to create an authentic experience for the guests, so everything is usually custom made for each client and we build everything from the ground up. The design must look real as if it’s been there the entire time and all components for a wedding from the food to the entertainment must work seamlessly with each other and blend into the overall wedding concept. The majority of our events also feature A-list entertainment and we have worked with the likes of Jennifer Lopez to Lionel Richie.



How will weddings be different in the era of social distancing? 

Guest numbers will be limited and spacing increased between chairs on each table. Buffet service may disappear and staff wearing very smart looking masks may be the norm. However, I don’t expect guests will remember to keep 1-2m away from each other at a wedding, especially on the dancefloor, it simply won’t happen.


What will you do to continue celebrating weddings during this health emergency? 

We are still organising weddings as we speak. It’s important to work with couples and vendors to ascertain risk and manage this effectively by following health and safety policies and guidelines.  

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