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All you need to know about starting your wedding plans in Venice, Italy

What are the current rules for wedding celebrations in Italy?

Starting from the 15th of June, weddings will be possible once again with a so-called “green pass”. The bride and groom together with their guests will have to present either a negative swab test, taken within 48 hours, a certificate of recovery from Covid-19, or a Covid-19 vaccination certificate. So far, the protocol for wedding receptions does not stipulate any “cap” on the number of guests; the number of those who can attend the party will only be determined by the space available for mandatory distancing.

Are you working on any interesting projects at the moment?

We are living in a time of rebirth and excitement, and it seems everybody wants to get married in Venice! We are receiving several requests, all of them are fantastic! At the moment we are working on two particularly inspiring projects: one for a midsummer wedding in August, and one in the heart of winter, just before Christmas. The summer wedding will be a three-day event, with entertainment and experiences in Venice and its Lagoon, featuring period palaces on the Grand Canal and seafront boutique hotels with fireworks over the sea. The winter wedding will take place in a villa surrounded by a centuries-old park, where we will create a fairy-tale atmosphere; the reception dinner will be held in halls decorated with 18th-century stuccoes, the pre-dinner drinks will be served in the cloisters furnished with custom-designed elements, and the bar will be set up in the old barn, in a mix of romantic and futuristic vibes.

How do you see the future of destination weddings?

After the past months, people want to celebrate the joy of being alive and party together again, so for us, the future of destination weddings is more than just bright, it’s dazzling. You can already tell, we’re shyly coming out of the woods after months of lockdown and laying the foundations for a great future, one where we can celebrate anything and everything now without having to wait for tomorrow!

How did you cope with the Covid-19 crisis?

During the Covid-19 emergency, there were no weddings for us. However, we made up for this with related activities. New projects and initiatives in the wedding field were launched and our communication was expanded and fine-tuned. One example is the project organised with your magazine, Weddings & Honeymoons, through which, for a year, we have showcased and shared our Venice, the stories of our weddings, our venues, and partners of excellence. Covid-19 has been an opportunity to develop our relationships, and thanks to our extensive network, we have been able to organise wonderful photoshoots in unique and exclusive locations. We look forward to the future of this industry and are confident that it has many wonderful surprises in store for us.

Which trends do you see on the horizon?

We see a very stylish trend that is value-conscious, luxurious but not overstated. Across our weddings, luxury is a way of connecting, of communicating the personality of the bride and groom and the originality of everything we create for their celebrations. The feeling is that there is a greater focus on family and our nearest and dearest ones. In general, in Venice, you can feel the desire to have celebrations that embrace awareness and respect for the city itself. An example: for a big summer wedding, the gift the bride is asking for from her guests is that they make a donation for Venice and the preservation of its cultural and artistic heritage.



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