Sasha & Khal, Croatia

Sasha & Khal chose to get married in Sasha’s favorite country where she spent the summers of her childhood…

“As a little girl, I spent my summers in a village on the coast of Croatia. I remember swimming with my cousins and running around barefoot all day in the sun. When we were choosing our wedding destination in Toronto, my heart just wasn’t full. One night, my husband asked me, ‘where is your favorite place in the world?’ Immediately, I remembered the summers of my childhood. Next thing I knew, we were in Croatia deciding on our venue! As our ferry approached Hvar Island, we saw a majestic old terrace under a large clock tower overlooking the island and sea. The rest was history!

After many months of searching for the perfect dress, I decided to make my own. I reached out to a Montreal designer who met with me to create the most magnificent dress. It was light and flown, lined with silk and simple details. I wanted something that represented simplicity and elegance, and it turned out perfectly! Overall, I ultimately wanted to look like myself. Often brides get carried away and lose themselves in the process, so I decided I wanted to keep my hair and make up light and simple.

We worked with an incredible designer from Zagreb who added touches of our personality into the decor. From olive tree branches to golden vases, she created a whimsical yet sophisticated design. We were blessed to have the support of Suncani Hvar, as well as our designer. Our designer and florist had a vision and Suncani Hvar went out of their way to ensure every detail of their vision was perfected. From our welcome dinner to the big day itself, they executed with professionalism, and most importantly, with a smile. I couldn’t have been more grateful for their work. Our wedding was just perfect and all I had to do was show up!” – Sasha

Welcome Dinner Bonj ‘les bain’ beach club | Wedding Ceremony Sveti Marak Courtyard | Wedding Reception/Dinner San Marco at The Palace Hotel | Photographer (Welcome Dinner) Nikola Smernic Photography | Photographer (Wedding Day) One Day Studio | Bride’s Dress Claudette Floyd | Shoes Jimmy Choo, Converse | Groom’s Suit Charbel Kassab Couture | Wedding Planner Josipa Skoblar at JS Atelier | Make Up Make Up Veronika | Invitations & Website Powered by Transit


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