Secluded Australian Paradise

For all the love-struck newlyweds, Australia is a mesmerising location for a romantic and adventurous escape. With alluring scenery and incredible natural surroundings, this heavenly island is a dream location for a couple ready to make eternal memories together.

Set off on the journey of a lifetime as you immerse yourself in the unique landscape of Queensland. With stretches of infinite golden coasts occupying the northeast coastline, this Australian state has all the quintessential down-under experiences you could dream of for your honeymoon.

Queensland Islands Honeymoon Perfection

Countless untouched islands adorn the coast of Queensland, each one a splendid setting for your destination wedding or honeymoon. Choose from the 74 tropical wonders and embrace your love under the swaying palm trees. Unspoiled soft beaches create the perfect backdrop for a secluded escape. Sun-kissed locations, like Orpheus Island, make any honeymooner fall in love a second time. This exclusive destination island can only be reached by helicopter, where you will witness extreme natural beauty from a birds-eye view. Be sure to stay at the Orpheus Island Lodge, set within a natural park surrounded by the vibrant Great Barrier Reef and its crystal waters. With alluring views from the private accommodation, you can pamper yourself as you lie on a delicate hammock or indulge in an irresistible spa treatment.

Whitsunday Island

An incomparable oasis, Whitsunday Island, has the power to leave any globetrotter speechless. A magical paradise, with astonishing factors that boost its incredible uniqueness. Sink your feet in the warm silica sand, recorded as one of the purest in the world and prepare to be swept away by the stunning Whitehaven Beach, which boasts dreamy sandy stretches and hidden scenic sanctuaries. Wander off and discover the unexposed corners by the coast, which are perfect for a secret getaway. For the intrepid travelers, embark on a variety of adventures from snorkeling and diving to sailing. For an out-of-this-world experience, explore the Whitehaven coast until you reach Hill Inlet, where the tide soaks into the sand and the water creates a dance of hypnotizing colours.





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