Sparkling Traditions at Vigna Belvedere

A family run business, Vigna Belvedere, shines light on the ancient Italian lifestyle of viniculture. The lush vineyards of this stunning area stem from a long-standing family history of over 200 years of passionate effort.

Explore Vigna Belvedere

Tucked away between the exquisite landlocked lagoons of Venice and the grand Carnic Alps, Vigna Belvedere rises on a hilly and secluded land that has been producing succulent and superb prosecco for generations. A symbol of this long-established heritage resides in the Stone Pine design, which adorns every sparkling bottle. The stone pine is nature’s gift for the construction of boats and palaces and it earns exceptional respect and meticulous care for the sustainability of the lush surroundings.

An idyllic scenery and elegant rustic estate create a picturesque portrait of the historical family production. The emphasis on sustainability enhances the quality of this heavenly area. The vineyard is nourished day-by-day and is a natural green oasis where a healthy and untouched cultivation of grapes transforms into the delicate and fresh taste of wine. Without any use of herbicides and by keeping the plant treatments to a minimum, non-organic stress is limited. Through a harmonious pruning, the organic concept fostered by the Vigna celebrates quality grapes over quantity.

A Luscious Glass of Bubbles 

Indulge in the nectar of the gods, characterised by a delicate and fresh taste. Start your aperitif with the refined delicious zest of crispy apple and peach of the Prosecco-Extra Dry Doc, as you unwind surrounded by the soft breeze of the Italian bucolic landscape. Gather around the banqueting table, enriched by a mouth-watering display of delicious Italian delicacies, with a glass of Prosecco-Brut Doc and sip your way through a divine culinary experience. Ideal with pasta and fish dishes, this Brut wine is mesmerising to the olfactory sense with its delicate white spring flower sensation. For a classy and modern meal, pair a Prosecco Millesimato Doc, accompanied by floral notes and perfectly rounded by a creamy and enveloping kick. Indeed, prepare for quintessential toasts with the best quality bubbles of aromatic organic Prosecco.

By Eleonora Tucci





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