Splendid Stay at Tenuta Monacelli

A relaxing oasis, Tenuta Monacelli, is an exquisite estate immersed in history and natural bliss…

Every corner of this countryside estate is a astounding discovery! With its centuries-old olive trees adorning the landscape, it displays perfectly the mesmerising beauty of the Mediterranean scrub. In the heart of Salento, Tenuta Monacelli, rises elegantly from lush vegetation and stuns its visitors with embedded historical charm. A 17th century farmhouse along with Masseri Giampaolo, dating back to the 15th century, amaze with their stone grandeur, still visible today, taking you back to memories of past centuries.


This enchanting location is an exclusive destination for lucky future brides and grooms. Stunning throughout the year, the tantalising sun shines bright on this magical Salentino landscape, recalling the true fragrances and breeze of the Italian coast.

A team of specialists will help recreate the romantic aura you and your guests will adore on your special moments together. With a lavish poolside area you can indulge into luxurious style comfort together will historical charm to complete the look of your wedding haven!




Address: via Giacomo Monticelli, località Cerrate, 73100 Lecce, Apulia | +39 (0)832 382037  +39 3297571343


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