Storybook Weddings at Ston Easton Park

Immerse yourself in history and romance at Ston Easton Park, a luxury estate hotel in West Somerset dating to Tudor times. Through the years, it has been restored and the architecture we see today is from the late 18th century. The house is cared for by the Rees-Mogg family, which they share with guests from around the world. The original details of the property, like the superb Library add intrigue to your visit. Indeed, you can find yourself lost in the maze of incredible antique furniture and their exquisite art collection as you wander the halls. As a guest, you will be treated like royalty. Relax in the beautifully designed rooms and the glorious saloon, which will have you believe you’re living in a Jane Austen novel.

Ston Easton Park is considered to be one of the most magnificent hotels in Somerset and a top venue with exclusive services for your wedding day. It is even possible to rent the entire house and treat your guests to the feeling that this is their splendid home. From the moment you enter Ston Easton Park, you will be greeted by Oscar, the house dog ready to welcome you and take you on a tour of the estate. This homelike feeling and historical beauty will have you swept up in a dream you won’t want to leave!

While you are here, be sure to explore the stunning gardens in the countryside, designed by Humphry Repton in the 18th century. His great landscape work in the parkland around the house remains a beauty to be cherished.

Ston Easton’s resident Wedding Expert Aerolene Stephenson answers some questions about renting the estate from brides-to-be:

How far in advance should I book my wedding?

Aerolene: It really depends on the couple. We’ve had some couples who have booked as far as two years in advance and others only two months. Ideally, once you have your dream venue in mind, I would recommend snapping it up to avoid any disappointment!

I want a trendy theme but love the look of stately homes. Can the two work together?

Aerolene: I love the striking contrast between a historic venue and a vibrant, fashion-forward theme. Stately homes are wonderful for a grand affair and brides and grooms should make sure to choose a venue which suits both their style and personalities. Trends change all the time and can easily be incorporated into your chosen venue, whether this is a castle, rustic barn or stately home. The colour palettes you choose are the easiest way to stay on trend with ultraviolet being the ‘it’ colour for 2018. Couples may choose a subtle lilac bouquet and floral arrangements or go all out with bright purple centrepieces and backdrops; whatever they choose, it’s a super simple way to style-up a wedding venue. Metallic accents and touches of greenery are also a great way to modernise a more traditional setting. Alternatively, the high-glamour of a stately home juxtaposed with simple rustic touches can be a very effective way of blending the romance and allure of a historic venue with the cool twist of country charm.

I’ve got 150 guests for the wedding breakfast – what’s the best menu to serve to please everyone?

Aerolene: For me, wholesome, simple cooking is always the best option for a larger party. Beautifully prepared, seasonal menus don’t have to cost the earth and are usually much more popular than an elaborate menu. While it’s important to pick your favourite foods, certain dishes are usually a safer option than others. For example, chicken and beef can complement a range of dishes and are more likely to please a wide variety of people than say, seafood and pheasant. I would also recommend that you keep things simple by only offering one or two menu choices for each course (as well as catering for specific dietary requirements).

I’m worried about certain members of my family not getting along on the day. How do we minimise the chance of any disagreements occurring?

Aerolene: While weddings are a joyous occasion they can be a hotbed for family quarrels. The simplest thing you can do is to remind people that this is your special day and it just isn’t the time to air any unpleasant feelings. If this isn’t possible, it may be wise to rejig the seating charts to ensure disgruntled family members are kept apart. If the person who is going to walk you down the aisle is likely to cause problems, why not invite two people? Alternatively, many brides ask their mothers to do the deed or even go it alone, a la Megan Markle.

What can I expect my venue hire fee to include?

Aerolene: A lot of the time, the venue hire fee just includes the hire of the venue and no added extras. Here at Ston Easton Park our aim is to make sure every little detail of your special day is thought through to perfection, so we include a fantastic range of extras as part of your wedding package, such as a dedicated wedding coordinator, menu tasting and many other exciting options. We even offer a discounted stay for your first wedding anniversary!

Ston Easton Park Nr. Bath Somerset BA3 4DF

Written by Parry Cockwell


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