Blame Her Ranch sits in the middle of America’s great southwest region outside Santa Fe, NM… the oldest Capitol in North America.

Given our location, tequila is an important spirit that is widely celebrated and consumed in

many different ways. From the start of BHR’s wedding venue, we’ve asked all guests to bring a bottle of tequila for the“Rub a Little, Drink a Little Bar”. But, we also tell them their contribution can be fully

consumed by themselves or their guests. Around the edge of this article, you will see pictures of just some of the great tequila  couples brought to the ranch. All of these pictures, plus more, are displayed above the bar in perpetuity.

So why so much fuss over tequila? Everyone  knows it is a Mexican spirit that dates back to the Aztecs. It comes from the agave plant in a region that is now known as Tequila  Jalisco. And technically, all tequilas are

Mezcals, but not all Mezcals are tequilas. Like Blame Her Ranch, which is familyowned and operated, the Cuervo family began distilling tequila in 1758 with the popular margarita invented in 1936.

Like Champagne in France, the Mexican government moved to take ownership of the term tequila which ensures the name tequila must come from only certain areas in Mexico. While its origins are rural and rustic,

some of the world’s best tequilas or mezcal sell for well over $2,000 a bottle and we get all kinds of varieties that are ideal for mixed drinks, shots and late-night sipping.

For weddings, true tequila lovers enjoy taking advantage of our local tequila donkey who strolls around the property serving tequila shots from his saddle.

But beyond the donkey, here are some tequila ideas for your wedding event in any place in the world:

1. Seal the deal with a “first shot” Unity Ceremony. Hand out festive tequila shots

at the end of the ceremony.

2. Welcome guests to the party with a personalised tequila shot – don’t forget the lime. Each guest’s name could appear on a printed label stuck through with a cucumber into a lime that sits on the rim

of the shot glass.

3. Signature margarita’s for the cocktail hour. As you might expect, BHR has its own crafted margarita which has been highlighted in this magazine and is available online. It is highly sophisticated and uses mezcal and grilled shishitopeppers for one of the best and smokiest margaritas ever.

4. Margarita station. Let your guests create their own customised margarita by establishing a bar with all the ingredients. Think of it like the Bloody Mary bars you see at fine restaurants and resorts.

5. Margarita Mini’s. Many high-end tequilas like Casamigos or Patron offer their spirits in beautiful, small bottles. Simply uncork those bottles, slip in a mini straw and let the party begin!

Tequila and BHR are synonymous together, but if you are looking to inject a little Latin flair into your wedding, while still keeping it classic and fun, give these tequila ideas a “shot”!

Blame Her Ranch sits in the middle of America’s great southwest region outside Santa Fe, NM… the oldest

Capitol in North America.

Tequila for Two…

And, More!


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