The Lens of Love | 12 Top Wedding Photographers of the World

“Make sure your lifelong memories are captured with our great selection of wedding photographers”



Meet the wedding photographers that are inspiring couples everywhere! One detail you can’t miss while planning your wedding is to book in a professional photographer. Photos are memories you will carry with you for many years to come, so make them count! Don’t worry if you are about to jet off on your destination wedding and you still haven’t booked your photo expert, our selection of wedding photographers are just what you need for this special occasion!

Fiander Foto | Bermuda

“I’m not at your wedding to merely ‘take photographs’ but to capture precious moments and deliver a collection of carefully selected and edited photos you’ll adore and enjoy for generations to come”

The Wedding Story| Holland

“Our goal is to get the best out of ourselves for the bridal couple time and time again. The most important thing for us is to make the wedding couple’s memory as beautiful as possible.”

Aegean Wedding Photography | Skiathos, Greece

“We will document your wedding in Greece with an artistic eye and in a true storytelling way, focusing on you and each detail representing your wedding day. We will be honoured to capture your memories. Our commitment to you is delivering work at the highest quality.” (

Vangelis Photography | Athens, Greece

“My goal is to capture the very essence of a wedding by allowing the day to unfold naturally and create beautiful photography full of emotion, excitement, thrill and passion with a perfect balance between candid snapshots and editorial portraits.”

Studio 74 | Corfu, Greece

“Thanasis Rapsomanikis immerses himself in a wide variety of projects by shooting many occasions, such as, Weddings and Events. Photography in his life has the primary role of depicting the real world, as seen by his own personal prism.”

Nikos Mylonas Photography | Athens, Greece

“Through wedding photography I become what I like to call a ‘moment hunter’, creator, narrator and director of stories. There in every step of your big day, my team and I are collectors of all the details that you’d like to remember forever.”

Pedro Filipe Photography | Portugal

“For us, photography is more than a hobby, it is art. In recent years we have devoted ourselves to photographing marriages, believing that nothing is more magical than to freeze a love story in time and space”

Ian Abdilla Photography | Malta

“As my clients you will receive photographs specially created to remind you of your friends, family and your life partner. You will feel incredibly loved and thankful for those relationships every time you look at those photographs”

Artemio Fotos | Spain

“I am a photographer in Málaga, Spain. I love doing outdoor photo shoots; both public events and private photo shoots (families, couples, children etc). I also take studio photos.”

Jorge Allocco Photography | Dominican Republic

To me each wedding represents the beginning of a wonderful journey of two unique human beings in love. My professional experience of over 10 years of working with couples helps me to capture ever lasting memories in a very creative and artistic way.”

El Momento Perfecto | The Canary Islands

“Photography is my life. But when it comes to you it’s about your emotions, your feelings and your story. Plus I love having the pleasure of capturing your perfect moments.”

Kyriakides Photo Cinema | Cyprus

“All our wedding couples are special to us, and no wedding day turns out the same, we will be there to capture it as it flows, and where necessary, guide you so we can create those award winning images together.”

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