The Vermont Hotel Newcastle

“Tucked away amidst the vibrant scene of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, is the exquisite Vermont Hotel Newcastle, an Art-Deco venue that will veil your stay with unforgettable moments.”


Vermont Hotel, Newcastle upon Tyne

There is no setting much like it for a travel in time, taking you to the grandeur style of the 1930s; its exclusive beauty wrapped around modern touches is a pleasure for the eyes and a dream come true for elegance seekers. Adorned by opulent features, the hotel offers the romantic escapade for newlyweds or simply for couples searching for a weekend escape from the world. In fact, the selection of rooms and restaurants has all you may need for a splendid stay.

With perfectly equipped suites you can surround yourself with captivating details that will stun you along the way. From the lounge areas to the mesmerising views over the gems of the city, there is no reason why you should leave your little weekend haven. Each room is unique and embellished by a Victorian and art deco style, a true taste that will spark a sense of cosiness as you unwind with your partner.

Take a peek at the top-notch cuisine that enchants the palates of visitors from the globe. With a passion for new flavours and eastern delights, The Maven, has made a journey through diverse lands to bring the best cuisine to your dining table. Overlooking the River Tyne, this precious location, is the romantic culinary experience that will delight your taste buds.

For a brimming atmosphere, plan a late drink at the Redwood Bar and prepare for a spectacular night of soft notes and savvy scotch tripplers. Do not worry, there is also champagne flowing together with lavish cocktails, so nobody feels left out.











Wedding Opulence

Planning your wedding surrounded by the lush atmosphere of The Vermont is a piece of cake with a dedicated team ready to make your dream come to life. Each wedding in one-of-a-kind and be sure that the magical moments created will last for a lifetime! How could they not with this five-star venue bursting with treasures; from the Ballroom, once The County of Northumberland Council Chambers, to the Sky Lounge & Garden, offering breath-taking views of the city.

The Vermont Hotel | Castle Garth, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 1RQ | 0191 233 1010


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