Top 3 Natural British Florists

A blissful bouquet of natural florists who will bring a touch of magic to your wedding!

Floral bouquets are a delight to the eyes and a colourful enchantment on your wedding day. They bring a dreamy and romantic aura to your wedding and they are a must to accompany your gown and ceremony. Selecting the perfect floral company can be a tricky and time consuming process, which is why we’ve created this handy list to help you out… Plus, these companies use all natural flowers and materials to make sure that they are not harming the environment while creating their art!

The Real Flower Company

With an outstanding “Scented Flower Collection,” The Real Flower Company has earned an impeccable reputation for weddings. The floral sprays exceed expectations with their fantastic fragrances, the best in the realm of petals. The charm behind the work comes from the special attention given to capturing the natural array of perfumes from their local gardens. In fact, the company specialises in scented flowers grown on ethical English and Fairtrade farms, like their romantic luxury roses. This bouquet is a perfect match for a special bride who longs to combine her passion for foliage with a respect for the environment!

Contact: 13 Cale Street, Chelsea, SW3 3QS, 020 7349 8638,

Organic Blooms

An awe-inspiring farm just outside of Bristol, Organic Blooms is home to one of the first Soil Association certified organic flower growers. A stunning selection of seasonal grown flowers inspires every bride lucky enough to stumble upon this magical florist. Organic Blooms flourish working work only organic cut flowers without the use of any chemicals. Not only is this company protecting the soil and our world, but they engage with humanitarian causes. For example, they conduct flower therapy with people who have disabilities. It is clear that this floral team has sustainable flower power!

Contact: Latteridge Ln, Bristol BS37 9TP, 01454 300 300,


Botanika Floral Portraits

Most brides look for an elegant and dreamy floral arrangement to complete their special day. The floral styling of Botanika is a refined picture-perfect art form, complete with glamourous additions to make your bridal bouquets as fabulous as you. As a bonus, personal touches like wild berries, twigs and organic silk ribbons are added to the bouquets. Botanika’s perfect bouquets of ethically grown brimming blossoms stand out as a superb choice for the eco-conscious bride.

Contact: 07525 862008,

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