Treat Your Valentine to Romantic Bora Bora

Come along with us as we discover one of the most romantic and superb destinations for a couple’s dream getaway…

Bora Bora holds the crown for the most enchanting experience in the South Pacific. The leading lady of French Polynesia is an astonishing island that will forever have a special place in your heart. Nestled just outside of the coasts of Tahiti, this magical stretch of tropical bliss is an intimate paradise all to be discovered. Jet off on a honeymoon adventure or simply for a special break from your busy life. Dedicate time to your loved one, while enjoying the opulence of this enchanting island.

An Island Full of Love

As this oasis appears clearer from your airplane window, its awe-inspiring character will cast a spell on you. Upon landing, the view of the majestic Mount Otemanu will leave you curious for more stunning landscapes. As you set foot on land, Bora Bora is just a boat ride away. Jet off on sparking crystal waters and breathe in the salty breeze as you embrace the tropical sunshine.

The beauty of this paradise resides in the warmth within the welcoming and uncontaminated display of natural surroundings. Unwind in the magical luxury of overwater bungalows and discover the hidden heavenly reserves, from lush tropical plants to surreal lagoon hideouts. You can relax and dedicate your time to romantic walks on the comforting warm sand or pamper yourself with spa delights. Any wish is fulfilled when it comes to hospitality in Bora Bora.

Top Notch Stay 

A floating sanctuary, the outstanding resort InterContinental Bora Bora Resort & Thalasso Spa is a pinch of heaven on earth. Be charmed by the over-the-top luxury of modern décor together with the rich architectural influence of Polynesia. A selection of floating villas will give you the intimacy you need for a romantic stay and the views outside your room will forever be cherished in your precious memories. Let your love blossom under starlit skies and let yourself be pampered in the natural setting. The highlight of your stay in this Bora Bora jewel is the Deep Ocean Spa; immerse yourself in the fresh spring water as you regenerate all your senses.

Visit, Motu Piti Aau Bora Bora French Polynesia, 98730, French Polynesia,  +689 40 60 76 00

Spectacular Adventures

Bora Bora is not only a locus for deep relaxation, but it is an Eden bursting with adventure. Set off on yacht cruises and explore the velvet blues of the deep sea, and for the brave travellers, dive into the clear waters and discover the treasures of the coral reefs. Adventure deep into the exotic flora and climb the slopes of the grand Mount Otemanu as you take in the tropical fragrance of the blossoming hibiscus.


By Eleonora Tucci


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