Two people we love to see at weddings on our ranch are the Wedding Planner and Venue Manager.  Often, couples confuse these two critical roles when establishing their wedding budget and what they want on their special day.


A Wedding Planner is hired by the couple and typically focuses on all wedding-related activities. The Wedding Planner provides the couple with tremendous insight on wedding suppliers, venues, timelines, budgets, and much, much more.  Particularly valuable is how they keep the wedding day activities on schedule, making sure things flow properly and most importantly, allow the couple to enjoy their time with family and friends.

Wedding Planners

It’s fair to say, Wedding Planners can be expensive.  But, they are worth every dime when you consider their role, contributions, and even suggestions on how to save on the wedding budget.

Wedding Planners can be hired just for the day, but typically work over a year or six-month period of time to start the planning process and secure all the necessary commitments for your wedding day— including the welcome dinner, rehearsal dinner, lodging, just to name a few.

The Wedding Planner always plays a big role in selecting the wedding venue.  In our case, at Blame Her Ranch, the wedding planner works directly with Randy, the Ranch Hand, regarding venue-related issues.  Many times, couples confuse the Wedding Planner and their agenda with our Venue Manager.

In short, Randy the Ranch Hand is an extension of the Wedding Planner. Someone who focuses on elements directly related to the venue.  In our case, Randy answers all pertinent questions and issues revolving around securing Blame Her Ranch and the key deliverables provided in our contract.  After the contract is signed, he works with the couple to make sure all the financial elements are paid on time.  In addition to financial duties, Randy also helps both the couple and Wedding Planner select rooms for the guests,  he provides insight into kitchen related issues, meets separately with vendors, with or without the couple, to save time and money, and is the driving force for the wedding set-up both at the ceremony area, barn, and great lawn.

As you might expect, everybody wants their tables and chairs arranged in a specific fashion and Randy manages the entire process at Blame Her Ranch from A-Z.  Rarely does he get involved in any of the wedding specifics and as the name suggests, concentrates on the functionality and key deliverables on site.

Wedding Manager

Since Blame Her Ranch is the premier destination ranch in America, our Venue Manager goes beyond what you would typically find in a resort or a hotel.  This is partly because of our exclusive and remote location, but also because our focus is on customer service, and we try to eliminate restrictions most venues apply to their wedding clientele.  Part of this comes in having a Venue Manager like Randy, but also someone who is there to help with a set of services that are exclusive to the ranch through Randy’s Rental company.  When you book, you don’t have to go to multiple suppliers.  You can rent the dance floor, DJ services, PA system so you don’t miss a single word of the couple’s vows, and the new fun Magic Mirror that lets guests have fun and take memorable photos.

Randy the Ranch Hand can even go one step further and help coordinate skeet shooting, fireworks, horseback riding, and many other activities for those booking the ranch for 3-5 days.  Blame Her Ranch is truly blessed to have Randy the Ranch Hand performing his duties along with that of the Wedding Planner, which combined, truly give the couple the best day of their life!

Linda Blamer

“Where She’s Never Wrong”

Blame Her Ranch

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