“Bury your feet in the sand and let the wedding experts take care of the rest…we’ve rounded up Italy’s top coastal destinations and your go-to specialists for the beach wedding of your dreams!”

1.Riviera Romagnola-Emilia Romagna


The Riviera Romagnola is a cherished seaside stretch of bustling towns and culinary delicacies. Marina di Ravenna, Rimini and Cattolica are just a few pit-stops for a fun-packed journey along the chirpiest Italian coast. With an array of beach resorts, cute little shops and restaurants, there’s never a dull moment in Romagna. Topped by prized gastronomy, there’s no wonder why the Riviera is known worldwide; a must-try is the traditional “piadina” (Italian flatbread) or the mouth-watering “spaghetto allo scoglio” (seafood spaghetti). If you’ve set a wedding date and have thought about getting hitched along the Rimini Riviera, your only go-to wedding planner is Natascia Zignani Events. The talented wedding designer promises to exceed expectations. With Natascia by your side, you can be sure to receive top quality assistance throughout your wedding journey.

2.Forte dei Marmi-Versilia Riviera

Where mountains and sea meet, Versilia is a breathtaking Riviera overlooking the pristine Tyrrhenian Sea on one side and the Apuan Alps on the other. Named after River Versilia, this unique area of Tuscany welcomes local and international movie stars to its exclusive resort towns. Marvel at Forte dei Marmi, the famed luxury destination of Versilia, where adorable boutiques and markets adorn the streets. Despite its sophisticated atmosphere, there’s much to be discover in the wilderness of the Apuan mountains, where hiking and long walks lead to cathartic views. Take advantage of this upscale location and plan your wedding here! In collaboration with Le Rose di Zucchero Filato, you can leave your worries behind and walk down the aisle confident of an exceptional outcome.

3.Elba Island-Tuscany

Elba’s glorious past can still be admired today. Etruscan archaeological sites, admirable Napoleonic residences and majestic fortresses attract visitors from the world, but the main appeal will always be the marvellous coast. Blessed with golden beaches and azure waters, there’s no denying that Elba is one of Tuscany’s hidden treasures. Speaking about treasures, set just steps away from the horseshoe-shaped Procchio beach, you can find the peaceful Hotel del Golfo. Since the 1950s, it has gathered a select clientele, from the Noble Prize author Salvatore Quasimodo to the cyclist Fausto Coppi and still today makes for an unparalleled paradise. For couples looking to celebrate their wedding by the sea, Hotel del Golfo, offers a panoramic terrace and beachfront elegance for a day to remember!

4.Costa Smeralda-Sardinia 

Probably the best-known coastal sweep of Sardinia, Costa Smeralda, is a 10km of sandy bays and glamorous marinas. Attracting all A-Listers and yachters, there’s much more to experience than just glitzy promenades; don’t miss the pristine Spiaggia del Principe or the colourful market of San Pantaleo. Blessed with crystal clear waters and breathtaking views, Sardinia has it all, even when it comes to destination weddings! Combining luxury with Sardinia’s beguiling seascapes, Sara Carboni Luxury Events, can bring your dream event to life. SC Luxury is a full service, boutique planning and design studio that never fails to deliver the most dazzling weddings of the emerald coast!

5.Vasto and Trabocchi Coast-Abruzzo 

Abruzzo’s diverse scenery can whisk you from mountain to sea in a blink of an eye. Panoramic medieval towns watch over coastal piers, creating a scenic contrast you’ll love. Icon of this region is the Trabocchi Coast, sprawling with little huts “trabocchi” perched overwater. To embrace the remarkable spirit of Abruzzo, celebrate you special day with Vistamare Event Location; featuring exceptional backdrops for the big day. “The Cathedral” is their latest sea-inspired location, surrounded by a unique nave, cliff edges and a symbolic trabocco just off the bay. For best results, confide in Simona Chiarotti’s magical planning service. With years of experience and passion for her region, she goes above and beyond to create lifelong moments for you and your guests.

6.Amalfi Coast-Campania West Coast

Get ready to unearth one of the most admired coasts of the world and why not start your journey from the resort Positano or Vietri Sul Mare-the ancient getaway to the Amalfi Coast. It is clear that the allure of this destination has stood the test of time. First the Romans and now globetrotters flock to this southern coastline to soak up the sultry sun and enjoy surreal views of the Gulf of Salerno. Where idyllic beach coves, precipitous crags and a cute cascade of hamlets are all topped by Mediterranean cuisine and hospitality, planning a wedding here is a dream come true! Especially, if by your side you have Frida Weddings. Specialised in luxury management and floral décor, Antonella Dentice and her team are experts in making sure each wedding is one of the most envied of the coast.

7.Procida Island-Campania 

Escape the buzzling alleyways of Naples and jet off to Procida, the smallest of the Poet’s islands (Ischia, Procida and Capri). With its pastel-coloured harbours, lush vegetation and arresting views, this island is a luring gem. Undeniably romantic, behind every corner you can find a perfect setting for intimate weddings and honeymoons. La Suite Boutique Hotel, combines superb comfort with authentic Italian style, creating a special oasis for you and your better half to unwind. Ideally positioned, you’re just a few minutes from splendid black-sand beaches, Ciraccio Beach and the dramatic cliffs of Punta Faro.

8.Torre del Greco, Gulf of Naples-Villa Balke

The Gulf of Naples has a plethora of locations to appreciate and Torre del Greco is definitely one of them. Set at the foot of Mount Vesuvius, this coastal town, is the getaway to Pompei, Herculaneum and Naples. Brimming with history, it’s also home to unmissable museums and city attractions. Visit the Roman ruins and take a stroll through the captivating hamlet, making sure to look out for the precious boutiques selling local coral jewellery. Renown as one of the most desirable spots of the Gulf, find romance at Villa Balke; an exclusive venue dedicated to celebrations. With Capri in the background, sea and picturesque views are the protagonists and combined with refined dining, you’ll have the fairy tale wedding you deserve.

9.Apulian Coast-Apulia 

Apulia, the spur of Italy’s boot, boasts stretches of captivating coast and one-of-a-kind architecture, as the octagonal Castel del Monte and the conical trulli settlements of Alberobello. Surrounded by sea, there’s plenty for beach-lovers to croon over and with rose-tinted sunsets it’s impossible not to fall in love with “Italy’s heel”. Relax in the heart of Salento, where Gallipoli and the white-washed Ostuni stun with their seaside glamour. See for yourself where the Ionian Sea merges in the Adriatic, with a thrilling stay at Santa Maria di Leuca. If the romantic flair of Apulia has won you over, let Giulia Molinari Wedding Designer create your Italian love story. From shabby chic to boho style, Giulia Molinari can take any theme and plan your beachfront wedding to perfection.

10.Scilla and Costa Viola-Calabria 

Mythical and idyllic, The Costa Viola, is a spellbinding location for weddings and romantic holidays alike. In the province of Reggio Calabria, you can’t miss Chianalea di Scilla, one of the best kept secrets of Italy. An old fishing town, it captures hearts with its little houses sprinkled across the coast and most of all with its magical sea legends. For an unforgettable elopement with your love, Scilla is the picture-perfect backdrop you’ve been looking for. To make it ever so more special, get in touch with Wist Wedding Planner. Their dedicated team will take care of every detail leading up to your ceremony, making sure to deliver only top-notch and tailor-made events.

11.Praialonga, Isola di Capo Rizzuto-Calabria 

Photo credit: Praia Art Resort

Don’t be fooled by the name “Island”, as Capo Rizzuto is situated entirely on the mainland, amidst ancient castles, myrtle trees and aquatic wildlife. Looking out on the Jonico Bay, Isola di Capo Rizzuto is home to medieval charm and natural wonders, ready to keep all hopeless romantics busy for days. Complete your experience in Calabria with a blissful stay at Praia Art Resort in Praialonga. Just off the edge of Capo Rizzuto Marina Reserve, the hotel sits delicately between sea and mounts, leaving you with numerous hidden corners to uncover. Celebrate your beach wedding in the intimate atmosphere of Praia Art Resort and why not indulge in the little perks offered, from the Michelin-starred restaurant to the relaxing wellness centre.

Words by Eleonora Tucci

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