Here is the listing you’ve all been waiting for, the top 100 Beauticians in the world! Enjoy and get inspired. 


Beauty by Nanetta Alexander

Placed delicately in the heart of the Caribbean Sea, is the tropical honeymoon haven, Antigua and Barbuda. This seemingly untouched island is overflowing with sights and activities that await your discovery. Fix your eyes on the scenic island views from the highest point of the Shirley Heights Lookout, discover the country’s ancient history and colonial past, and experience the beauty of Antigua’s wildlife. The serene island escape is the perfect refreshing antithesis to city life. Antigua is one of the Caribbean’s most popular islands for destination weddings. If you choose to tie the knot here, Nanetta Alexander is the best option for your bridal beauty. Her all exclusive services include more than just makeup, with Nanetta you can indulge in a relaxing manicure, and waxing treatments.


Telephone: +1 268-724-7717






JenniVe High fashion 

A gorgeous island paradise, Aruba is alive with spirited locals, captivating customs, breathtaking beaches, and delicious culinary delights. One of the many jewels of the Caribbean, Aruba is a scenic setting for romantic destination weddings and amorous honeymoon escapes. With over 15 years experience as a hair and makeup artist in Aruba, Jennifer Croes-Veeris , has been able to cultivate the skills necessary to ensure that  you look great in time for your special day. Having previously been a model, entered several beauty pageants, and worked as a beauty consultant, Jennifer’s experience is unparalleled. Her strong passion for beauty is evident within her work ethic; always going the extra mile for her clients, Jennifer promises to exceed your expectations and leave you feeling absolutely radiant. 


Telephone: +297-7309057






Mario Krankl

An alpine delight overflowing with artistic charm, Austria is a breathtaking nation immersed in fine arts, classical music, and luscious gastronomy. The defining point of this charming nation is the icy glacial Alps; the wintry mountains are an attractive scene for a romantic occasion. Situated in the centre of this wintry nation, is the multi-talented hair stylist Mario Krankl. The award winning stylist has over 20 years experience under his belt is  and easily one of the most successful hair stylists in Austria. Mario’s versatility and creativity, is what makes him a sought after bridal stylist, leaving a hundred percent of his brides satisfied. Mario and his team are dedicated to discovering the unique beauty of each and every client.


Telephone: +43/662/844298





I Heart Makeup

Famed for its fine powdery beaches and clear turquoise waters, Barbados truly is an island paradise. Explore the gorgeous cities and the hidden gems that lie here. Bridgetown is a hub of inspiring arts and crafts, amazing architecture, and mouthwatering gastronomy. Celebrate your nuptials in the midst of this Caribbean jewel. Spearheaded by two friends, I Heart Makeup in Barbados is a brilliant mobile makeup business located in the vibrant capital. Joined together by their love and passion for makeup Shanelle and Kamilah, are devoted to making sure each client radiates a beautiful bridal glow on their special day. The creative duo has also worked on a number of fashion shows, photo shoots, and expositions. 



British Virgin Islands


Sayuri La Belle Makeup

 A string of seemingly untouched islets delicately strewn along the Caribbean Sea is the blissful British Virgin Islands. Boasting of a peaceful island spirit, pristine natural landscapes, incredible beaches and lavish resorts and amenities, spend your day’s discovering the unique character of each island, on your honeymoon escape. Celebrating your love on this beautiful island is a dream for many, and if you’re lucky enough for that dream to come true, then you’re going to need a qualified makeup artist to help you prepare for your wedding day. Sayuri La Belle is a skilful makeup artist situated on the beautiful islands. Through she specialises in soft and glamorous makeup, Sayuri is also able to create creative and avant-garde looks. So no matter the look you desire, she is able to make it a reality. 


Telephone: +1 284-346-2430




Cayman Islands


Glamorous Hair Studio

Undeniably beautiful, rich in culture, and alive with lush forestry and diverse wildlife, the Cayman Islands are a tropical paradise. Based in the heart of this gorgeous island is the family owned beauty studio Glamorous Hair. Situated in the prestigious Ritz Carlton Hotel, the founders of the luxury hair boutique are passionate about making brides –to-be look and feel beautiful. They’re always striving to use the latest techniques and consistently upgrading their knowledge with the newest trends, to ensure each client receives a fresh and quality service. You can count on them to create the perfect look for you and your bridesmaids. Indulge in the sumptuous pampering session as they help you prepare for one of the most important days of your life. 


Telephone: +1345/ 929-96-96




Costa Rica

Wendy’s Hair Studio

A diverse sanctuary based in the heart of Central America, Costa Rica is definitely one to experience. Home to a variety of exotic creatures, lush forestry, and breathtaking coastal scenes, it is truly a natural marvel. But there is more to this alluring nation than its natural beauty. Experience the pure and laidback lifestyle of the locals, indulge in sumptuous cuisine, and explore the magic of the local cities on your romantic escapade. Planning to tie the knot in this beautiful country? Be sure to book Wendy of Wendy’s Hair Studio for your bridal hair. The skilful hair stylist seeks to make every one of her clients feel special. Taking the time to understand your desires, Wendy will ensure you leave satisfied and looking amazing.


Telephone: +506 2228 9810






Makeup Artistry by Alexia

 Truly a honeymoon haven, the nation of Cyprus is complete with treasures and secrets that await your discovery. Rich in history, mineral wealth, and culture, enjoy sun kissed adventures with your significant other. Choosing your bridal beauty look is by far one of the most important parts of wedding preparation, with your hair and makeup being the central focus. For your destination wedding in the Cypriot splendour, Makeup by Alexia is the ideal choice. The talented artist is passionate about making sure each bride looks and feels her best for her special day. Alexia takes the time to understand the needs of all her clients and pays special attention to detail.  You can trust that Alexia will leave you looking beautiful.


Telephone: +357 99 276535



Dominican Republic


Crystal Sepulveda Make Up

Lined with endless stretches of white sand beaches, rocky cliff sides and lush palm trees, the Dominican Republic is a lush natural haven heaven. However there is more to this indulgent island that it’s ecological wonders. The island’s laid-back yet spirited vibe is enthralling, with colorful carnivals happening every year, delicious food being served on every street corner and ancient colonial landmarks still standing tall, the Dominican Republic is a treasure trove of greatness. If you’re looking to celebrate your love on this amazing islands Crystal Sepulveda, is the preferred artist in the Punta Cana region. A certified bridal makeup artist, Crystal specialises in natural glam and is passionate about making brides-to-be feel confident and stunning on their wedding day. 






English Hairdresser in France

A country synonymous with love, France is a lovely setting to tie the knot. Abounding in world class art and architecture, delectable fare and awesome traditions, it’s truly a sight to behold. If you’re on the hunt for an inventive hairstylist, to help you prepare for your big day, look no further than Annette Carr. Annette offers fully tailored wedding services for brides and their wedding parties, and is willing to travel to wherever it is you are. No matter the style you desire, Annette is able to bring it life, listening carefully to what you want and working tirelessly to create the look of your dreams. With over 25 years experience in the beauty industry, you can be sure you’re safe and sound with Annette Carr.


Telephone: +33 4 68 31 59 95






Sophia Lenore

Germany’s mesmerising capital, Berlin is an astounding blend of modernity and cultural history. The wonderful nation captivates the hearts of all those who step foot on its breathtaking grounds. The incredible city is the ideal choice for a cityscape wedding and romantic honeymoon. Ideally located in the bustling epicentre is the gifted and talented hair and makeup artist Sophia Lenore. The licensed cosmetologist and beauty guru has an impressive clientele. Having worked with high class brands and celebrities, Sophia’s extensive background and years of experience makes her the right candidate for your bridal beauty needs in Berlin. Trust Sophia with your bridal look and you won’t be disappointed.


Telephone: +49 1578 78 23 720





Nancy Blaq Makeup

Africa’s golden coast, Ghana is an infinite well of fantastic experiences. The enchanting country is a dynamic fusion of indigenous cultures, gorgeous wildlife, and contemporary charms. The West African country is of the continent’s many success stories, boasting of a pure and harmonious lifestyle that enthrals the hearts of many. Rich in history and overflowing with incredible energy, it’s no wonder couples flock here to tie the knot. The flourishing country is also home to incredible makeup artist Nancy Blaq. The award-winning celebrity makeup artist has a great passion for her craft and takes pride in making her clients feel lovely. With several years experience and an impressive clientele, you can definitely trust Nancy with your bridal beauty needs.






Ioannis Michaelis Professional Hair & Make-up

Alive with mythical legends dating back hundreds of years, sun-bleached historical ruins and endlessness balmy beaches, the nation of Greece is an irresistible paradise. A string of beautiful islands placed on Aegean Sea, all boasting their own unique treasures, this blissful archipelago awaits your visit. The incredibly gifted team at Ioannis Michaelis Professional Hair & Make-up are devoted to helping your find the perfect look for your wedding day. Well versed in the latest beauty trends and products, they are able to create a makeup looks that highlight your features and fit your individual style. Inspired by the pure aesthetic, their in-house style is to create natural looks that leave you looking radiant.


Telephone: +30 210 2793 986





Élan Makeup and More

As you step foot on the silky sands of Grenada, the aromatic scents of rich spices fill the air, and the sultry sun illuminates the landscape ahead. Seemingly untouched and abounding in amazing wildlife, this Caribbean island is unlike any other. Enjoy the pure and simple lifestyle of the island, on your honeymoon escapade. A skilful and professional makeup artist based on this idyllic island, Shelley Waldron of Élan Makeup and More, provides stunning makeup artistry for brides and their wedding party. Having previously worked on several beauty pageants, fashions shows and photoshoots, Shelley’s experience is unparalleled. Promising to give you the bridal look you’ve always wished for, a session with Shelley will leave you glowing from the inside out.


Telephone: 1473 533-3526




Mayfair On Main

Situated on the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula, is the European zenith, Gibraltar. Most renowned by its impressive limestone monolith known as The Rock, the grandiose structure casts its shadow along the coastal landscape and is definitely the nation’s defining point. Celebrate your love with the rustic rocky cliffs as your backdrop in the stunning country. For your special day you’re going to need an amazing hairdresser. At Mayfair on Main, your hair is seen as your ‘crowning glory’ and the skillful staff take considerable time to understand it’s unique features, in order to create the perfect look for you. The enthusiastic team take great pride in their work and are dedicated to ensuring each client leaves feeling satisfied. 


Telephone: (+350) 200 75913




Hong Kong


She Make-up Studio

One of the world’s most awe-inspiring regions steeped in remarkable culture and a wealth of history, Hong Kong, is definitely worth your visit. The fast-growing contemporary nation is a fantastic fusion of old and new traditions, keeping with the modern trends while still remaining true to the treasured customs that make it so special. Sara Wong of She Make-Up Studio, in Hong Kong, specialises in making brides look effortlessly beautiful. Dedicated to enhancing your natural features and ensuring you glow from the inside out; Sara and her team of specialists use high quality products and new techniques to ensure you stand out from the crowd. 


Telephone: +852 6588 3678





Margret Magnus

The land of fire and ice, Iceland is one of the world’s many ecological miracles. A geothermal treasure where the power of nature is really at work, uncover gushing geysers, ice-capped volcanoes and glittering glaciers. The Nordic sky boasts of the beauty of our galaxy beyond. Cast your gaze upon the iridescent phenomenon known as the Northern Lights, and experience the magic of a sun that blazes even through the midnight hours. Margret Magnus is a highly sought after hair and makeup artist based in the icy nation. With over seven years experience in the beauty industry, and using only the highest quality products, she will create your perfect bridal look ensure that your makeup stays all day night and photographs well. 


Telephone: 00354 865 5333




Makeup by Aliya Baig

A mosaic of mesmerizing cultures, India is a melting pot of spellbinding adventures. As you explore the beguiling nation, cast your gaze upon the very phenomenon’s that make this country so unique. From the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas, to the sun drenched beaches of the southern coasts and outstanding architecture dotted in the incredible cities, India is truly an experience like no other. Ideally located in the city of Hyderabad is the brilliant hair and makeup artist Aliya Baig. The destination wedding specialist has worked with over 5000 brides in some of the country’s most lavish palaces and hotels, from the likes of Jagmandir, Udaipur, and the Rambagh Palace. Her expertise, versatility of art and depth of knowledge across cultures, is what makes her India’s only entry in our list.


Telephone: +91 8448446616





Anna Kalytyak

Italy is easily one of the most popular countries in Europe. The epicentre of the Roman Empire and the birthplace of renaissance it’s here that you’ll stumble upon some of Europe’s greatest treasures like Michelangelo’s David, Da Vinci’s The Last Supper, and the ruins of Pompeii. The sunlit nation is also the romantic capital of world, with couples coming from all around the globe to tie the knot here. Professional hair and makeup artist, Anna Kalytyak is the ideal choice for your bridal beauty. Having worked with several senior and high class stylists and brands, her level of experience is unmatched. Anna and her team will take the time to understand your individual needs and will work diligently to crate your preferred wedding look


Telephone: +39 370 110 3623




Bute Cosmetics

A lively island pulsating with its own magical rhythm, Jamaica is a high rise wedding and honeymoon destination. The blissful haven boasts of a unique flair, different from the other Caribbean islands. Notorious for its gorgeous red-gold beaches, awe-inspiring culture and traditions and, its spirited island vibe, once you step foot you’ll never want to leave. Kareen Lamme, founder of all natural beauty brand Bute Cosmetics, is your best point contact for all your bridal beauty needs in Jamaica, the licensed and award-winning beauty therapist is trained in the art of traditional and high – definition airbrush makeup. Kareen’s extensive skills mean she is able to work with her clients and tailor her skills to suit their individual style. 


Telephone: 1-876-372-3956





Pierre Lahoud

Ancient ruins, rich history and exquisite cuisine, are just some of things that make  Jordan so special. Explore the riveting landscapes, from the golden desert to the bustling capital. A strong cultural spirit is evident through every corner and enthrals all those who visit. The mesmerising nation is the ultimate wedding destination. Pierre Lahoud is a first class choice for your bridal beauty needs. Having collaborated with some of the biggest brands in makeup such as MAC, Pierre’s renowned artistry offers each client an unparalleled experience, creating unique looks, based on your personality and style. Pierre is highly sought after by some of the region’s most high profile celebrities and royalty, so you can definitely trust him to make you look absolutely angelic in time for your big day.


Telephone: +962-777-881371






Enhanced By Sunshine

Home to a wealth of magical experiences, from golden savannahs, exotic wildlife, and pulsating cities, Kenya is truly an astonishing nation. Notorious for its amazing indigenous culture and being home to the towering monolith Mount Kenya and views of the even more impressive Mount Kilimanjaro, it’s no wonder the country has fast become a popular wedding and honeymoon destination. If you’re considering choosing this beautiful country to celebrate your wedding, then look no further than Kenyan hair and makeup artist Joy Balogun, for all your beauty needs. The proficient artist is able to create whatever look you desire from pure and simple to creative and glamorous. With Joy, you can rest assured that you’ll saunter down the aisle in style. 


Telephone: +254734085855






Zoe Winter Edgar Salon

A cluster of islands sprinkled across the Mediterranean Sea, Malta is a mystical archipelago of astonishing splendour. Although small it is packed full of incredible experiences. The Maltese archipelago abounds in magical wonders, from glorious sights and splendid traditions. Its ecological beauty speaks for itself, and quickly captivates all those who step foot on its shores. For all your hair and beauty requirements in the captivating nation, Zoe Winter Edgar is the ideal choice. The hair salon offers a variety of treatments, styles, colors, and cuts, so you can find the right one to suit you. Their stylists are always keeping up to date with the evolving trends and fresh styles, so matter the style you wish they can bring it to life.


Telephone: (00356) 27041122




Make Me Beautiful Bride

 A kaleidoscope of culture, palm fringed beaches and exotic jungles, Mexico is a charismatic high-spirited nation. Brimming with spectacular archaeological monuments reminiscent of pre-Hispanic Mayan civilisations, a gastronomic repertoire that is unlike any other, and a captivating city vibe; this coastal exotic gem is definitely worth your visit. Ideally located in the Yucatan peninsula, is the skilful hair and makeup artist and founder of Make Me Beautiful Bride, Anne Marie. Beginning her journey over 25 years ago, the excellent stylist has a greater passion for her craft today than when she first began. Taking pleasure in the special bond that she shares with each client, Anne Marie is passionate about creating that special unique look for every bride.


Telephone: +5219841692466





Banke Meshida Lawal

An astounding nation abounding in cultural riches, Nigeria is one of Africa’s most popular countries. Hemmed by lush turquoise waters, the remarkable country is composed of bustling cities like Lagos and Abuja, a creative art scene, sacred landmarks and a culture that is undeniably fascinating. Explore the gorgeous country with your loved one and experience all that Nigeria has to offer. Celebrate your love on the white sand beaches of this African jewel. Be sure to choose Banke Meshida Lawal of BM Pro Makeup for your wedding makeup. The award-winning makeup artist and cosmetologist has an extensive background in bridal makeup and guarantees to leave you looking radiant. You definitely won’t regret choosing Banke for your destination celebration.


Telephone: +2348170003652






B lust Hair and Makeup

Rolling hills, stunning beaches, medieval treasures are just some of the things that make up the beauty of Portugal. The European gem is a picture perfect setting for your destination wedding, comprised of idyllic landscapes and ancient ruins that have been crafted over the centuries. For all your hair and makeup needs, B Lust Hair & Makeup is the best choice. Founded by Claudia Rodrigues in 2013, she and her enthusiastic team thoroughly enjoy helping brides get ready for their big day and take pride in making people feel more beautiful and confident. Providing on-site hair and makeup services with the finest quality products, you can trust that the creative team will help you become the best version of yourself for your wedding day. 



    Puerto Rico


True Beauty by Denisse Sanchez

An enigmatic rhythm vibrates through the city streets of Puerto Rico, and enchants the hearts of all who set foot on the sundrenched grounds. The small but mighty island brims with wonderful gems, from pristine beaches, cascading waterfalls, energetic festivals and fascinating culture. The Caribbean paradise is a fast growing wedding and honeymoon hotspot. Make your big day all the more special with hair and makeup stylist, Denisse Sanchez. Perfectly located in Arecibo, Puerto Rico, her undeniable talent, and passion for the craft means, that she is dedicated to ensuring each client is satisfied. Denisse is also willing to come to you, her mobile service means that she’ll travel to wherever it is you’re based.






AMM Hair and Makeup Team

Scotland’s biggest city, Glasgow is a stunning blend of vintage architecture, ancient monuments, and contemporary features. Victorian mansions and buildings are intertwined with modern shopping centres, galleries, and museums. The hybrid metropolis is the ideal escape for a city break with your loved one. Located in the heart of the city is the award-winning hair stylist Anne Marie McElroy. The innovative mind behind AMM Hair and Makeup Team, Anne Marie and her team of talented hair and makeup specialists are committed to providing you with a five star services and styling that last the full day. Using only the highest quality products, and seeking to create a calm and peaceful atmosphere, the dedicated team are guaranteed to bring to life the vision you’ve always dreamed of. 





Gayathri Menon Makeup | Hair | Styling

One Asia’s fastest growing countries; Singapore is a melting pot of impressive modernity and awesome practices. Always re-inventing itself, the magical country has something new to present each day. Despite its charismatic contemporary charm, the nation’s abundant culture is still thoroughly ingrained in the hearts of the people. All of this and more is why many couples gather their family and friends here to celebrate their love. Ideally based in the astounding country are the professional makeup artists and image consultant Gayathri Menon, an expert in destination weddings. The highly talented artist is able to create your desired bridal look. Gayathri’s wealth of experience working with celebrities and other senior makeup means that her skills are truly extensive and widespread. Choose Gayathri Menon for all your wedding needs and you won’t be disappointed.


Telephone: +65 91081014






Sandra Pranjic Make Up

A Venetian style coastline, framed with snow-capped mountains, Slovenia is often overlooked by tourists but is a treasure chest of natural wonders. Icy rivers flow through the sophisticated streets, verdant hills cast their shadows and the scent of freshly prepared food fills the air. The atmosphere is completely enthralling. Brides seeking to celebrate their love in this beautiful country should contact Sandra Pranjic for all their makeup requests. The self-taught hair stylist is passionate about making women feel amazing. Sandra is able to travel to where you are and will work with you to fashion the bridal look you’ve always wanted. Having worked with several publications, notable photographers and directors, her extensive experience guarantees that you won’t be disappointed. 


Telephone: +386 40 458 785




    South Africa

Nikki’s Beautique

Africa’s crowning jewel South Africa is alive with a lively spirit. Stretches of golden landscapes lie beneath shadow of the magnificent Table Mountains, and black-maned lions graze on the bronzed grassy plains. The pulsating heart of South Africa, Johannesburg is a city of cultural splendour. Often referred to as Jo-burg, the incredible metropolis is awash with fascinating landmarks. If you’re choosing to get married in this beautiful country, its best to contact Nikkita Naidoo of Nikki’s Beautique, for wedding make up. The innovative artist specialises in bridal makeup and is honoured to help women shine bright on their special day. Nikki’s work is defined by these three principles; defining, enhancing and preserving natural beauty and her aim is to help you embrace your every unique feature. 


Telephone: 073 862 6133




St. Lucia


Olu Finley Hair and Lash Company

A remarkable nation, that leaves all who take off, eager to return. St Lucia is truly and extraordinary island. The calming atmosphere of azure ocean waves and pearlescent sands enchants the hearts of all its visitors, beckoning them to stay forever. A paradisiacal sanctuary, St Lucia is a wonderful destination to celebrate your wedding day. Every bride needs a talented hair stylist for their destination wedding, to ensure that they look stunning in time for their wedding day. Olu Finley Hair and Lash Company is the one stop shop for all your hair needs. Able to create whatever look you desire, you won’t regret choosing this exceptional team for your romantic celebration.



United Arab Emirates


Fizza Khan Makeup Artist

A city like no other Dubai is a contemporary metropolis abounding in extravagant skyscrapers, designer boutiques, and grandiose architecture. Golden desert dunes encircle the city and melt deliciously into surrounding the azure oceans, whilst dazzling marine life hide underneath the surface. This scenic setting is the model backdrop to any special occasion. Fizza Khan is a celebrity makeup-artist ideally located in the hub of the city, and is the ideal choice for wedding makeup. With several years experience under her belt and a clever team by her side, you can be sure that you’re in safe hands. Having helped hundreds of brides and bridesmaids achieve their perfect bridal look, you can rest assured that Fizza will do the same for you.


Telephone: +971554160488




United Kingdom – London


Shampagne Allure

The bustling epicentre, of the United Kingdom, London is easily one of the world’s most visited cities. Immersed in rich history, grandiose landmarks, and fantastic architecture, the diverse city is a sight to behold. Based in heart of the cultural capital are a team of talented technicians and artist’s. Shampagne Allure is a mobile beauty service, available to book for your special day. Offering a large selection of bespoke services from hair, makeup, manicures, pedicures and other pampering treatments, the signature service is on hand to ensure you look radiant for your romantic celebration. Their elite therapists will tailor their services to suit the style and look you desire for you and your bridesmaids. Make sure to book a trial service beforehand, so they can create the perfect look for you.


Telephone: 0207 101 4276




United States of America – Florida


Faces by Shannon

Florida, the sunshine state is a seaside fantasy. Comprised of endless stretches of coastlines hemmed by warm turquoise waters, the sultry state is a hotspot for honeymooners. Home to some of America’s biggest attractions from Disney world, Key West and Universal Studios, there’s never a dull moment on this coastal gem. If you’re looking to tie the knot on these golden sands and you’re in need of a brilliant hair and makeup artist than look no further than Shannon Miller-Beatty. The exceptional talent behind faces by Shannon, she is dedicated to enhancing your natural beauty, ensuring you feel amazing inside and out on your special day. Shannon takes the time to discover and enhance your unique features and personality, so you can shine like the star you are.


Telephone: 407.394.5383





Perfect Makeup and Hair by Ala

The largest of Spain’s Balearic Islands, Mallorca is a much loved honeymoon destination. The Mediterranean gem is home to gorgeous rugged landscapes, lush wooded hillsides, and sensational beaches framed by crystal clear waters. The spectacular scenery is a breathtaking backdrop for a magical destination wedding. A professional hair and makeup artist based on the beautiful isalnd, Ala Scibiorek has a great passion for bridal hair and makeup and considers each client a privilege to work with. Her attentive and polished service is what makes her stand out from the crowd. Using only luxury and high end goods, she is devoted to making sure you look flawless in time for your special day.


Telephone: +34 626 822 240




United States of America – Las Vegas


Perfect Hair and Makeup

The city that never sleeps, Las Vegas is a sensational city bursting with thrilling entertainment for you to enjoy. An oasis of sheer indulgence in the desert, the dazzling city is renowned for being the ‘marriage capital of the world’; it is hotspot for luxury weddings and intimate elopements. If you’re looking to tie the knot in this lavish metropolis, you’re going to need an experienced hair and makeup artist to help you prepare for your big day. Michelle and Irina of Perfect Hair and Makeup are the best choice. The experienced duo and their enthusiastic team seek to make their clients feel beautiful and confident. Listening to your concerns and ideas, the passionate team will ensure you shine like the star you are. 


Telephone: 702-862-6602




United States of America – Northern California

M Sutra Bride

Home to some of the world’s tallest trees, Northern California is a hub of verdant forestry, mighty mountains, and vast gorges. The ecological wonder differs greatly from its sunny southern counterpart. Calling some the world’s greatest landmarks their own, there’s so much to see and do in this beautiful region. Be enthralled by the magnificent views of blue waves of Lake Tahoe, the soaring heights of Lassen Volcanic National Park and the deep chasm’s of King’s Canyon. Located in this wonderful region is Mitasha Singh, of M Sutra Bride. Specialising in luxury Indian bridal looks, the professional artist provides each bride with hair, makeup, and wardrobe styling. The all round service is on hand to assist you and make your special day all the more memorable. 


Telephone: 925-325-4618




United Kingdom – Wales


Jenna Mcdonnell

Wales is a melting pot of environmental sensations. A true natural escape, the charming country brims with soaring mountain ranges, verdant valleys, and meandering rivers. Hike through the grassy hills of Snowdonia or explore the ancient ruins of St David’s Castle and gaze upon the cityscape from the heights of Conwy Castle. Based in Newport, South Wales, award-winning hair and makeup artist, Jenna McDonnell is your first-class choice for your special day. Her innovative skills are recognised worldwide, and have led her to currently hold the Guinness World Record for the most bridal hair styles completed in one day. The skilful stylist has over 12 years experience producinging amazing hair styles and flawless looks, so you can trust that she’ll do the same for you


Telephone: 01633 273955





Makeup by Kelly B

Uganda is an astounding holiday destination. Wildlife here is abundant, and you’re more than likely to catch a glimpse of one of the big five on your adventures. The capital city of Kampala amazes tourists with its inspiring beauty and friendly hospitality. Whilst on your amorous adventures, explore the city’s greatest sites, from the famous Kasubi Tombs to the National Museum, and the Namirembe Cathedral. Residing in the remarkable country is the professional makeup artist, Makeup by Kelly B. The gifted artist is able to do makeup for all occasions, including weddings. Not only is she able to make you look beautiful for your big day, Kelly will also provide professional skincare advice, to ensure you glow from the inside out.