Kerry Murray Photography

A lovely wedding photography specialist based in Bristol, Kerry Murray is passionate about portraying the genuine connection between people in one snapshot. Methodical and subtle in his approach, Kerry blends in with the crowd for up close and personal photo-shoots while still maintaining a reasonable distance.


 Telephone +44 7847 949 045





 Alexa Poppe Wedding and Event Photography 

Awarding-winning photographer Alexa Poppe promises to tell the story of your love through her lens; capturing everything from the stunning decor, to the intimate moments you and your love share. With an impressive background in design and extensive photographic experience the Cornwall-based photographer is a great choice for your wedding celebration.


Telephone: (0044) 7837086117




Devon & Cornwall

Thomas Frost Photography

Thomas Frost’s scientific background is what gives him a great eye for detail; he’s able to capture the all the hidden treasures of your celebration. His passion for weddings means that he is careful not to miss any of those essential moments as the days unfolds. Based in the south-west of England, the talented photographer promises to capture the beauty of your love. 




Becky Winter Photography

Innovative and talented Becky Winter is one of top three best new wedding photographers in the south west. The creative photographer aims to beautifully capture your love story through her candid and documentary style. Becky will blur into the background in order to capture all those special moments on your big. She is also a great support and is on hand to help ensure your wedding runs smoothly.


Telephone: +44 (0)7702 827467





Juliet Lemon Photography

Specialising in wedding and portrait photography, Julie Lemon aims to tell the story of your love through breathtaking images. The Esher based photographer works discreetly to capture the intimate and natural moments of your celebration and promises to leave you with beautiful and relaxed photographs that you will treasure for the years to come.


Telephone: 07792 066 334




Tom Halliday Photography

Tom Halliday promises to be there for every moment of your special day; from the intimate first look, to the romantic ceremony and festive reception. Working tirelessly and carefully to portray the beauty of the day in his images, Tom will make sure he’s at the right place at the right time so that nothing is missed. Based in the heart of Essex, Tom Halliday and his amazing photography skills are the best choice for your wedding.





ASRPHOTO Wedding Photography

Scott, of ASRPHOTO knows that no wedding is the same, so he is intentional about approaching each celebration with an open mind. The experienced photographer works attentively to every client’s standards, in order to develop a style that fits their unique personality. Friendly, reliable, and helpful, Scott has all the essential experience necessary to ensure your wedding photographs look stunning.


Telephone: 07960 287805




Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire

Lina and Tom Photography

The husband and wife team based in Cambridgeshire specialise in exclusive documentary-led wedding photography. Their passion for weddings means that they are dedicated to reflecting the beauty of your love in their photographs. Both Lina and Tom are determined on getting to know each couple and understanding their dreams for the big day; resulting in amazing images that you will cherish for years to come.





David Christopher Photography

With over 13 years experience documenting luxury weddings all over the world, David Christopher is a highly skilled and talented photographer. Having worked in the bridal fashion industry, David is able to translate these skills beautifully when documenting real brides. Offering an attentive service and taking careful consideration with each client, you can trust you’re in safe hands with David Christopher. 


Telephone: 07894745549






Dreame Photography 

Dreame Photography places a strong emphasis on the importance of natural light and setting when taking intimate photos of couples. Together with an informed, professional view on which photos work well together, this London-based photography expert guarantees a timelessly beautiful collection.





Manchester and Liverpool

The Crawleys

The award-winning pair, Liam and Bee are a quality choice for your wedding celebration. The dynamic duo has been photographing weddings since 2002 and their distinctive and creative style is what makes them to unique. With several years of experience under their belt, you can trust The Crawleys to deliver an awesome set of imagery for you to cherish for the years to come.






Jem’s Photography

A high skilled photographer based in the heart of the Midlands, John of Jem’s photography, is celebrated for his elegant, creative, and contemporary style. John’s passion for his craft means that you can trust him to tell your story through his lens. His relaxed approach ensures that each image captures your love and unique personalities.


Telephone: 01788 814834





Faye Amare Photography

Faye Amare Photography believes that authenticity is the main ingredient for beautifully natural wedding photos. Situated in the gorgeous east county of Norfolk, this photographer takes a hands-off approach when capturing precious moments from afar, finding the perfect medium between intimacy and privacy.


Telephone: 07538690949





Mike Lister Photography 

Stationed in Plymouth, Mike Lister goes one step further by offering clients the choice of aerial photography and filming service with drone technology. This additional feature allows for some truly astonishing creative shots and angles, bringing together an inspiring wedding photo collection like no other.


Telephone: 07815 141779





Connor McClelland Photography

 Connor McClelland from Surrey has an undying passion for making history in the form of wonderful wedding pictures. From your walk down the aisle to that unforgettable first kiss as husband and wife, each and every snippet of your special day is carefully documented and showcased for your viewing pleasure.




North Yorkshire

Lloyd Clarke Photography 

A group of professional photographers from North Yorkshire who have been shooting lovely weddings for over 10 years now, Lloyd Clarke Photography adopts a discreetly subtle approach when capturing beautiful moments couples will be able to look back on with fondness and admiration.


Telephone: +44 7793 072 964





Andrew Craner Photography

Andrew Craner Photography seeks to capture the real and wonderful moments of your wedding celebration. Taking a relaxed and fun-loving approach to his craft, Andrew blends in with your guests and uses an informal documentary style, which a touch of portrait,  to catch the natural and romantic notes between you and loved one. 


Telephone: 07739 251 027




West Midlands


Daniel McClane Photography

A talented photographer based in the West Midlands, Daniel McClane is devoted to capturing the spontaneous moments of your special day. His aim is to create lovely imagery reflecting the beauty of your love. Taking the time to portray the raw and natural authenticity of the occasion, Daniel will blend into the background to ensure he captures all those hidden moments.  


Telephone: 075355-13056